Extreme weather

winter bird
Texture by Kim Klassen: 99 Screen 100%

What good is the warmth of summer
without the cold of winter to give it sweetness?

~Author Unknown

So, last Monday and Tuesday we had -10F temps with -30F wind chills. Yesterday, it was sunny and 65F. If you are one who does math, that’s a 95 degree swing in air comfort in just 6 days.

Kinda mind blowing, isn’t it? I’m sure those poor souls who are susceptible to barometric pressure changes and sinus issues are reeling.

I’m pretty much done with winter now. Which is unfortunate since it’s only the middle of January, and I have a feeling the worst may be yet to come. (there I go again thinking the worst) Although, if it stays in the 40F range until spring, I’m okay with that. (there, is that better?)

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19 thoughts on “Extreme weather

  1. Those shifts in temps make it difficult in many ways, although I suspect you were grateful when it went up. I can handle temps around 40 too – for awhile at least. As long as “awhile” is not too long.


  2. ” Yesterday, it was sunny and 65F. If you are one who does math, that’s a 95 degree swing in air com­fort in just 6 days.”

    Same here, Lisa! Yesterday is was so warm and humid I was actually sweating while walking around outside. Today is perfect though…dry and mid-50’s.

    And you’re right, I have a feeling it’s not over.

    Beautiful photograph! Your talent with the camera and capturing the perfect moment is truly remarkable. Gifted you are!

    Have a super week, my friend!


  3. wow, that’s a pretty extreme temperature change! Our winter has been bitter and dry–no snow! Our temps range from about -15 to about 35. No snow in the dessert means likely water rationing in the summer.

    I did see the Desolation of Smaug–twice. Jackson certainly did take a lot of liberties. I had to take it with a grain of salt and think of it as “Jackson’s-Tolkien”. I would have changed the title from the Hobbit to “The Return of the King–Under The Mountain”. It would fit the series better. I’m going to reread the appendices before the third film because Jackson did take some of his material from there. I’m curious to see how far he wandered from that.


  4. Last week we had a day in the mid thirties and the next day was in the 20s. Highly unusual for here and since this area does not normally get those types of temperatures, pipes aren’t insulated.

    The day after it was 20, it was 80. And now I have a virus of some sort.


  5. It climbed up to 40 degrees here, but it’s back down to 20 tonight. I can’t recall our ever having such an extreme range as yours. I live in Indiana, so I look for winter to last till past April here.


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