A is for Adam

His resume is very short. Records show previous occupations as a gardener, horticulturalist, farmer and zoologist.

His past residences included Eden (location today is unknown). His character references include the Maker of the Universe.

No known direct ancestors.

His DNA run through all of us. Whether you believe Adam was the very first man ever on earth or the result of an evolutionary track, at some point God chose him to be the point man in his creation story.

We pick up the story in the Garden of Eden.

Hey God?

Yes, Adam?

I’m getting lonely. This place is great and all, but it’s kinda hard to hold a conversation with a gorilla. Can you help me out?

Sure. Relax and I’ll get back with you as soon as possible.

A while later, a fetching creature Adam has never seen before appears after his afternoon nap. Adam calls her Eve and teaches her all about the garden. He shows her around and tries to impress her with the fact that he is the sole caretaker of paradise. And life is good.

You could say it was perfect. Until…..

It was her fault, God! She made me do it!

Do what?

Eat that piece of fruit…you know, the one from the tree we’re not suppose to touch. I told her we weren’t suppose to go near it.

So…..why did you choose to eat it?

Why did I ch…..? Are you kidding me? Have you seen her? I really couldn’t help myself. But it really is all her fault. Or, maybe….it’s yours for making her so irresistible! 

We see Adam avoiding responsibility and throwing Eve under the bus when called on the carpet for the couple’s rebellion against the one rule they couldn’t bend or break. And to make matters worse, when it happens, we see Adam and his new wife trying to hide from God…too embarrassed about their actions to come when he calls for them. So embarrassed about their newly-discovered nakedness that they hastily try and sew together coverings from leaves. But even the most talented Project Runway designer would not have been able to succeed in creating a suitable covering for their shame.

We’re all like Adam, aren’t we? We like to bend and break the rules and then think we can hide our actions from God. And oh, how we love to blame others and not accept responsibility for our own decisions. But we can’t ever really hide from an omnipresent God, can we? Although he called to Adam and Eve while in the garden, he already knew where they were. He already knew what had happened. And he already had a plan.

As they could no longer live in the perfection of Eden, they were expelled from God’s garden paradise. But seeing their futile attempts to cover themselves as completely inadequate, blood was shed and with great sadness God provided animal skins to cover and protect them as they faced their new circumstances.

The analogy is not lost on those who believe in atonement and saving grace. Because of their disobedience, they could no longer live in the perfection of God’s presence. God effectively had to separate bad from good, error from truth, death from life.

But Adam and Eve could not cover their sin adequately through their own doing. It took the sacrificial death and the shedding of blood at God’s hand to provide the protection they needed as they began life outside of His perfect plan.

One of the first Messianic prophesies found in Genesis.

I’m playing along with the bunch over at ABC Wednesday for Round XIV. For this round, I’m once again journeying through the bible. I’ve done it twice already, but think there’s still more to discover. Hop on over to check out what the rest of the world has to offer for this round.

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