The story of us

ABCsFrom time to time I play a challenge called ABC Wednesday. You may have caught my post yesterday when Round XIV began. The challenge is ongoing throughout the year, and attracts participants from all over the world. It was my first venture into reaching out into the blogosphere. 

A few rounds ago, I had the brilliant hair-brained idea that I could come up with unique perspectives and approaches to topics related to my faith. I believe much of the bible is confusing to the average reader. It’s a mixture of poetry, analogy, metaphor, history and biography. So, by breaking down some of the stories into more relatable terms, I hope to be able to spark interest and help others deepen their faith without feeling completely lost. I also hope to make people question preconceived beliefs….or unbelief….and, perhaps, bring a new perspective to consider.

New today is a page dedicated to a series of ABC Wednesday posts focusing on the best-selling and most controversial book known to mankind…the bible.

In these musings, you’ll find people who screwed up big time. There are stories about outcasts, doubt, anger management, rebellion, deception and really, really bad decision making. Reads like a good prime time soap opera, doesn’t it? Revenge and Nashville’s got nuthin’ on these the people. In other words, you’ll find stories about each and every one of us!

But, more importantly, you’ll read about grace, forgiveness and second chances.

Overall, I’ve received positive feedback so either others do enjoy my musings, or they’re just being polite. 🙂

If you’re curious to what topics I’ve chosen to attack over the rounds, click HERE or the ABC Wednesday-bible style in my header menu.

Happy reading and may God bless you today and always.

4 thoughts on “The story of us

  1. Very cool and clever idea about adding a page for this, Lisa!

    I genuinely enjoyed your post yesterday.

    As you know, I do have belief and faith. It may not be the same as yours (and yours mine), but I am still open to read about it. You have a wonderful way of expressing your beliefs in lighthearted and humorous way. And I like that.

    Have a super-duper day, my friend!


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