The Sister Whisperer

sister whisperer72
texture by Kim Klassen: happy heart 80% soft light with holiday button 2

What do you think Twix is saying to her big sister? And which one do you think is waiting [not so] patiently?

I think I know. With three possibilities, you probably wouldn’t be wrong choosing any one of them…or all of them!

Pinterest piqued my interest in commemorating the beauty of expecting a new arrival so my daughter, The Investigator, Peanut and I played around with a mini photo shoot. I thought Peanut’s expression was precious. You may have caught the first photo I posted HERE.

Here are a couple more from that afternoon. I have more ideas, but not sure we’ll get any more done before Twix decides she’d had just about enough of her cramped quarters. The doctor thinks she’s coming very soon.

sister love
Textures by Nancy Claeys: French Garden, 100% overlay; Deanna, 40% multiiply
35 weeks pink bear 72

I’m hoping she can be patient for about 3 more weeks, but babies tend to come when they want to………… and Mama is oh so ready to hold her on the outside.

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18 thoughts on “The Sister Whisperer

  1. Two things Lisa, I LOVE the post title you came up with for this post – brilliant! Also, I love the overlay you did on the post photo!

    And of course, the other photos are faaaaabulous as well. As one of your other readers shared (Lisa) they contain so much heart! That first one is so precious.

    Thanks for sharing!


  2. These are beautiful! All of them but my favorite is the top and the word art is just perfect. What I most appreciate is how tastefully done these are. Pregnancy photos, IMHO, have to be classy or they miss the mark. These have hit that mark beautifully.


  3. Very nice. I think awaiting a birth is the hardest thing. I always wanted mine right then and there when they told me I was pregnant. haha Congratulations to your family…


  4. I am so excited for you all.

    The joke around here was that pizza helped push the first born into making his appearance in the world. A few years later and pregnant with twins, I think the Mrs. was trying the pizza thing every night as her due date got close–she was ready for them to move.


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