January Photo Challenge: New

photo blog challenge

PJ, over at A ‘lil HooHaa’s January photo challenge is New. And appropriately named since January begins a new year.

So let’s see what I came up with:

1. Happy New Year
Ha! You thought I was talking about the traditional Happy New Year celebratory photos? Nope. This month begins another new year for moi….January is my birthday month. How did I spend it? At a zoo…on a camel, of course! What? Doesn’t everyone do this? Since I’ve never ridden a camel, that was a new experience.

2. Re-New-Al (aka: renewal)
Entrepreneur, Peanut and I ran away from winter to Phoenix last weekend. It was a great getaway, and we hit a few new attractions we’d never done before…The Phoenix Zoo (see above), Children’s Museum, Desert Botanical Garden and a Railroad Museum/Park. Not sure if we’re all that renewed since we went nonstop while we were there, but the temps were close to 70F and sunny so it was much better than Middle Missouri. We came back to 10F. Awesome.
Phoenix plane view

3. New Beginnings with Newbies
January begins a new semester at the local J-school. And as an adjunct instructor for a senior capstone project, that means I have 18 new faces to learn. By the end of the semester, they will have developed a complete strategic plan for three “real-life” clients complete with printed books and presentations. My common phrase on the first day is they will work like “rats on crack.” If they don’t, I obviously haven’t done my job.
capstone books

4. New Attitude
One of my birthday presents was a new, electric wok. I’ve never had one before and always just stir-fried veggies in a skillet. How different could it be? We tried it out for dinner this past week and it was super yummy. I just might have to change my attitude about eating healthier.
wok veggies

5. New Arrival
She’s not quite here yet, but we’re waiting on Twix to make her entrance into the world. Could be any day…..or 2 weeks from now. The Investigator is having contractions as I write, so we’re going to have a newly-born grand girl very soon.
Coming soon

Check out what’s newsworthy with others who play along over at A ‘lil’HooHaa.


10 thoughts on “January Photo Challenge: New

  1. Faaaabulous photos, Lisa! OMG…I love the one of you on the camel! And Happy Belated Birthday to you!

    Also, the second photo looking outside the window of the plane is awesome! I flew Southwest four times last year, and loved that airline.

    “We tried it out for dinner this past week and it was super yummy. I just might have to change my atti­tude about eating healthier.”

    Isn’t a wok great? I don’t have an electric one, I have one you use on a stove. Yummy indeed!

    Have a great Thursday, Lisa!


  2. A full month indeed. You look comfortable on that camel. Perhaps, you can lead a “study abroad” section or two of students next year and travel the Middle East or something.


  3. OH MY GOSH CONGRATULATIONS! I absolutely love the last picture… how exciting!

    You posted a GREAT selection of photos. The one thing that stands out more than anything to me? The pottery coffee mug… IT IS GORGEOUS!!!!! My mom and I are always on the hunt for the “perfect” pottery coffee mug… you want the top somewhat small to keep the coffee hot. That one fits the bill!


  4. Nice interpretations. The last pic is perfect and I love the pic from the plane. The angle makes it appear like the shot was actually taken from above the plane, which would be impossible. Or would it…? haha


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