Random 5 Friday Finds for January 31

R5F cactus
Texture by Nancy Claeys; Toulouse, 50% Multiply

Problems are only opportunities with thorns on them.
~Hugh Miller

Does it seem like life is an endless parade of challenges? Why can’t anything ever be easy? Roadblocks, detours, change of plans, absent-mindedness….what was I saying?….oh yeah, those thorns that make prickly our so very well-made plans. Maybe it’s just this incessant cold weather, but I’ve also found myself in more of a prickly mood lately.

My Friday Find this week is from the Phoenix Desert Botanical Garden. Perhaps it personifies my mood of late. I hope I can figure out how to adjust my attitude and see those thorns in my side as opportunities.

Now, on to my Random 5:

1. Where in the world did January go? Wasn’t Christmas just a couple of weeks ago? Honestly, the days seem to drag, but the months absolutely fly by these days. How is that even possible?

2. Sometimes I simply can’t stand auto-correct. More often than not, I spend more time going back to change a word the infinite-powers-that-be decided I meant….which wasn’t. And it really irritates me when I type in the word I want…and the @#$% program changes it back to what it was before! Yes, Microsoft Word, I’m talking to you.

3. I’m done with winter. This Polar Vortex thing (or Alberta Clipper…or whatever the stylish term for cold front is now) has really soured my disposition. Since I cannot wish for a good old-fashioned, OMG-close-the-city snowstorm because The Investigator is so close to baby delivery, I think I’d rather have an early spring…preferably next week.

4. Spending a long weekender in Phoenix reinforced my opinion I really wouldn’t make a good Southwest Retiree. The desert landscape is really not my thing, although some of the flowers in the botanical garden were very nice….as cacti go. My skin, lips and eyes were so uncomfortably dry all weekend….and it wasn’t even hot. I can’t even imagine what summer would be like.

5. I need another book to read. John Grisham’s most recent release, Sycamore Row, would do nicely. I just finished Crazy Busy: A (Mercifully) Short Book about a (Really) Big Problem by Kevin DeYoung. Yes, I realize the obvious juxtaposition here.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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25 thoughts on “Random 5 Friday Finds for January 31

  1. Pssst … I’m going to let you in on a little secret. I have several friends who live in the desert so don’t tell. I don’t like the desert either. I tire of the brown and miss my green {when there is green} and yes, you’re so right! The dry air wreaks havoc with my hair, nose, skin … you name it. Great facts! Hope you have a grand weekend.


  2. Lisa, love both the photo AND quote! They go perfect together!

    “2. Sometimes I simply can’t stand auto-correct.”

    HA! Thank you! I can’t stand auto-correct either. And I find that it corrects things that don’t need to be corrected. I’ll double check, just to see if I somehow missed spelled a word, but sure enough, it’s the proper spelling.

    Have a faaaaabulous weekend, Lisa!


  3. Agree on the weeks and months flying by. At my age, it’s a bit too quickly for me. I can endure winter some more if it will just get to some degree of temperatures that are suppose to be winter. Today, we’re above freezing, which is a blessing, but the wind is still chilly for me and the dog when we go outside. Enjoyed your post…:)


  4. I hear you on the auto-correct! Apple does it too, and sometimes my messages make no sense! I think I would like the desert southwest – about 360 days of good hair every year 🙂 (My hair doesn’t play well with humidity). I’m with you on trying to see those thorns as opportunities. It’s somewhat like those blessings in disguise – sometimes I’d really like it if they weren’t disguised. Have a great weekend!


  5. I love cacti! I think it is because there are no cacti in Ohio, always love what you can’t have kind of thing. I have never read a John Grisham novel, maybe that should be my next book.


  6. I went to the Botanical garden in Phoenix when I visited my aunt and uncle a few years ago. It was lovely, but I’m with you about living in the desert.

    Don’t blink, because March is undoubtedly right around the corner. Then it will be spring!!


  7. I’ve always said during winter months that I want to move to Arizona but I seriously never would. We haven’t had a bad winter here but I do think that Spring is going to be a welcome sight.
    I must be strange because I love Spell Check and even turn on Grammar check. If it gives me an error I will try to figure out what I am doing wrong until it no longer gives me the error. Call me weird, I don’t mind.


  8. My husband’s parents keep wanting us to come visit them in Arizona. Not really my thing. Too hot, no green and too much family togetherness.


  9. beautiful photo…. I understand your plight with winter… it’s been ridiculously cold here….
    but the days are getting longer….

    thanks for linking to FF.. have a beautiful weekend.


  10. Our winter has been unusually mild, but still – too much brown and gray. Auto-correct? Between Windows 8 and Word thinking it knew better what I wanted than I did, I bailed and went Mac. Auto-correct still annoying, but otherwise I am a happy camper. I am not a desert person either. I need green and real seasons. And the ocean not terribly far away. Now that my comment is almost post-length, I shall go.


  11. I lived in Tucson AZ for a decade, and if you think the winter is miserable and drab…you should be in the southern part of the state during the summer when monsoon season hits! The temps are in the 100 degree bracket and the humidity is 100%…talk about uncomfortable! And the white hot skies. I moved to the coast. LOL

    I agree with you on #1…days drag, months zip all too quickly.


  12. Hi Lisa,

    An optimist, I like you already! There are stages where we question life, I think that is normal and good, as long as we see the blessings we have.

    January did go fast, wow. I am ready for spring too! I have read a lot of John Grisham books. I need to catch up with the newer books.

    Thank You for dropping by and leaving a comment at my blog.


  13. Yup, I’m done with winter too.
    It’s just been such a tough one this year. Not much snow, considering the is NY, but it’s just been way too cold for too long.

    You have a wonderful weekend!!


  14. I’ll have to look up Grisham’s new one–not familiar with it. I confess to being ready to be a desert retiree someday, and I’ll raid the pharmacy to compensate my skin for any displeasure. I waved goodbye to winter weeks ago, but evidently it is not listening.


  15. I loathe autocorrect and always turn it off on any device I buy. I have never yet found it to be anything other than an irritating nuisance.

    I feel so sorry for you all in the US. The weather you have been having has been brutal. I hope you do indeed get an early spring!

    BTW, I love the desert states, but nope. NOT in the summer, thankyouverymuch!


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