Advice from a cactus

cactus advice
Texture by Kim Klassen: Ruemarion 100% soft light

 Advice from a cactus

Get plenty of sunshine
Accentuate your strong points
Be patient through dry spells
Conserve your resources
Don’t desert your friends
Wait for your time to bloom
Stay sharp!
~Ilan Shamir

Still hanging around in my Phoenix Desert Botanical Garden file. Why? Because it was 2F this morning with a -8F wind chill. I may be able to last anther week or so with shots from warmer climates. The weather guessers are calling for another winter storm tomorrow with 4-8 inches of snow, depending on where you are in middle Missouri. AND, anther one on its heels for the weekend.

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9 thoughts on “Advice from a cactus

  1. Lisa, that advice from the cactus is BRILLIANT! I read it three times! Great photo too!

    Yup…after a few days of 50 degree weather, it is now snowing heavily here, and VERY cold. Strange weather.

    Have a super Monday, my friend!


  2. That cactus is a pretty smart thing!!
    Love this, Lisa.
    We were supposed to have a major snowstorm today and into tomorrow, but so far…nothing. My take on it? It’s simply too cold to snow!


  3. Oh Lisa, we are right in that same path, with that same weather prediction. I hope you stay warm and dry! I hope the temps don’t get so cold I can’t get out for photos. The cactus has some really good advice!


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