And now, introducing……..

Remember back at 35 weeks when the doctor wasn’t sure The Investigator would make it another week let alone another month? Well, the wait is over!


[drum roll, please]


Our newest grandbabykin!!!

Twix made her debut 3 weeks early last Monday, February 3, 2014, at 5:25pm and weighing in at 6 pounds, 9 ounces…a short twelve hours before winter storm Nika blanketed the streets with 7 inches of snow on top of the ice from Saturday’s storm.

She was good size for a preemie, but breathing issues kept her from us while they monitored her off and on throughout the night.

Peanut could only look at her through the NICU window. I wonder what she thought about all the monitors hooked up to her baby sister.

peanut winter slideTuesday kept all of us in place as we watched the snow fall, blow and drift. No hospital visit that day! With The Investigator, College Man and Twix safely tucked inside the hospital, we all rested a bit easier knowing we weren’t braving the slick streets and labor contractions at the same time.

But Peanut and I found some fun. We donned our snow pants, boots, hats, gloves and coats and headed outside. Eating snow and icicles, throwing snow at Tanner and shaking the powdery white stuff off low branches was much too tempting to sit inside even though the wind chills were dropping like a roller coaster.

While we thought we’d dodged a bullet with Twix’s arrival, the timing wasn’t perfect. Disappointment happened Wednesday when we learned her sugar levels were not consistent because he was early….meaning she was not storing glycogen…..meaning they would not release her to come home. If all goes well today, they may come home tomorrow.

But last night Peanut was finally, officially, introduced to her lil’ sis.

sisters 2


Happy Birth Day Twix!

3 thoughts on “And now, introducing……..

  1. Hope that little Twix is pronounced healthy and fit to come home. She is sure a cutie. Looks like both Peanut and Tanner enjoyed the time in the snow, and I’m guessing you were fine as long as you were taking pictures. I think this year you’re also getting our snow, although they are saying we are to get some inches of it tomorrow.


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