Random Five Friday Finds for February 14th

FF rose pallette
Texture by Kim Klassen; Isobel 80% screen

True love stories never have endings.
~Richard Bach

I found my Coffee Shop Color Palette templates this week. Oh, how I’ve missed them, but it took me a while to remember how to manipulate the photo to get the clipping mask and colors to work.

Today is Valentine’s Day. And this year, as you know, we have one more little heart to love and be thankful for.

What do you think of this quote? I found it and thought, Yeah, that’s exactly right. A true love story doesn’t ever end. But we do need to remember the stories tend to morph as we go through the chapters, and the characters change and develop over time. If you believe in an eternal afterlife, that very special love story goes on indefinitely!

Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never ends.
~1 Corinthians 13:7-8

Random 5 Friday:

1. Today is Happy Hallmark Day (aka Valentine’s Day). I think the holiday is actually a conspiracy perpetuated by card, flower and candy companies. Shouldn’t every day be a reason to tell those close to you that you love them? I think so too.

2. Entrepreneur and I are probably not doing anything spectacular this evening. No romantic candlelight dinner for us or night on the town. Noooooo, there’s a reasonable chance we’ll be babysitting the grandbabykins while The Investigator and College Man try and have some new parent alone time. I’ll make a nice dinner for Entrepreneur and I, and then we’ll enjoy being with our two littlest valentines.

3. A strange thing happened last Friday. My post disappeared! I know I posted it on Nancy’s Random 5 Friday, Kim’s Friday Finds and Kaylene’s Quotography. And I know the link worked as I received lovely comments from many of you. But when I tried to pull it up on Sunday, it wasn’t there anymore. Very disappointing. My hosting company said spammers had assaulted my account and my MySql database was shut down. I feel so violated. They reinstated it but I lost that post and all the comments. So sad because I really liked that post. Has that ever happened to you?

4. In keeping with #3, I had officially apologized for not making the rounds last week to see my bloggy buddies. As you know by now, I was a little preoccupied. Both work and school took a back seat to a major life event, and I’m just now getting back into the swing of things.

5. I’m stepping out of my comfort zone with color. I know that sounds ridiculous coming from me. But when it comes to nail color, I’ve kept it fairly traditional. Pinks, Reds, the occasional darker version of those hues. Shortly after I used a gift certificate for a shellac manicure I bought this color…And a nail art kit….And just did this….
blue polish

May all your love stories be endless.

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21 thoughts on “Random Five Friday Finds for February 14th

  1. Yeah, but – and I say this re Thanksgiving too – just because we should share love, give thanks, et al, the fact is we usually don’t, because we’re too busy or self-absorbed or whatever. Days dedicated to remind us don’t bother me.


  2. Valentine’s Day is meant for the very young I think. Curious.com tells me it had very dubious beginnings anyway. As to nail colors, I love what you did to yours, but I’m still stuck in the pink/red/peach color range.


  3. Lisa, your color palette is beautiful! I’m someone who LOVES the color pink, so I really enjoyed it!

    And the quote? Awesome! I like anything Richard Bach.

    Wishing you a beautiful love day, my friend. Have a super weekend!


  4. I totally agree: every day is a good day for telling people that we love them. We’ve never been big on Valentine’s Day, either, as it comes two days after my birthday. And I make my own cards, so there, Mr. Hallmark! So instead of Happy {thatwhichmustnotbementioned}, I’ll say Happy Weekend instead!


  5. Hey….I LOVE the nail colors you’ve chosen!! And the design is great.

    A couple of weeks ago, I stepped out of my comfort zone too…so to speak, and did my toe nails in Denver Bronco colors [orange and blue] I think I jinxed ’em.


  6. I have not had that happen to me..as far as I know. Oh my that is quite the nail polish!! I like color on my toenails but not my fingernails. I find it very distracting…I could never have that design on my nails! But, I do like to see it on other people’s fingers. It’s fun!


  7. Color Palettes are so much fun. I’ve only made one, I need to work on them a bit more. I dread the day spam hits me… so sorry you lost your post, how frustrating. And you nails, gorgeous.


  8. So happy you are enjoying so much more love with the grandbabykins! Love that quote…and all. I adore color palettes on photos and you always make them gorgeous! Great nails btw!


  9. Well see I am one of the “odd” one’s who actually likes Valentine’s Day Yes I know every day should be a day to show love or thank etc…but it’s nice to have that 1 special day singled out too as a reminder. I mean why do we have any holidays then, shouldn’t every day be a day to celebrate. – Okay off my soap box…That is so weird about your blog post disappearing. So far (crossing my fingers) I’ve not had that problem. Doesn’t sound fun.
    Your nails look awesome.


  10. What fun those nails are! I’ve been trying lots of new colors – but never more than one at a time. So brave, you are. Love your beautiful rose too with the different tones of pink. It’s such a soothing color.
    And the I Corinthians quote? It’s one of my all time favorites and best definition of love, to my heart.


  11. Happy belated Valentine’s Day. I will enjoy the babysitting when our crew is ready for kids of their own–I’ll look forward to wearing them out knowing a good night sleep for me is on the horizon.


  12. I absolutely LOVE what you did with your nails!! It’s really beautiful. I usually stick to the basics too, but you have inspired me to move outside that zone. 🙂

    How sweet you are to give mom and dad some alone time. I am sure it was very much needed and appreciated.

    Happy day to you, my friend! xo.


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