Random Friday Finds for Feb. 21st

wilted rose72
Texture: Kim Klassen February Trio, Simple; 80% soft light

The tragedy of life is not death but what we let die inside us while we live.
~Norman Cousins

My Friday Find was sitting on my desk. And has been since my birthday in late January. Flowers given to me that once were a lovely shade of cream tinged with dark rose. Flowers that, I’m sorry to admit, sat unnoticed for too long. Until today when I saw them out of the corner of my eye…still sitting in water with perfectly-formed blossoms dried to the point of brittleness….but not quite dead enough for the petals to fall off. And I thought that might describe all of us at times. We look in-tact, but are really so brittle and fragile that it wouldn’t take much for us to crumble.

Is death the ultimate tragedy? I don’t think so. I believe the ultimate tragedy is when we allow ourselves to become too busy, too tired, too angry, too broken to realize the potential in our life. We allow ourselves to die a little each time we let go of a dream or goal because of circumstance.

So how do we keep from letting the tragedies of life kill us while we are still living?

With five attitude adjustments:
* Live like your life is a miracle; love passionately the opportunity to share it with others.
* Don’t always wish for something better; live with a heart of gratitude for what you have.
* Live optimistically instead of expecting the worst (yes, I have lots of trouble with this one too).
* Pray or meditate every day; walk away from internal negative energy and focus on joy.

In order to grow we have to acknowledge loss. In acknowledging loss, we feel pain. Through pain, we grow, we develop a sense of meaning. We are who we are by the experiences we survive. How we survive is our choice. No one can do our grieving for us, or for someone else. We usually grieve in the same way that we live.
~Paula Brindley

And on that happy note, here are my Random Five:

1. Shortly after last week’s Random 5 Friday list, I received a call from The Investigator who is on maternity leave at home. Water was leaking from the laundry room into the ceiling in our lower family room. Water and ceiling tiles don’t really go together very well. In fact, ceiling tiles tend to completely disintegrate when saturated with water. And end up in a mushy mess on the floor. The reason? The washer overflowed and ran down the air vent into the ductwork. Yes, that’s exactly what I needed for a Friday morning an hour before going to Peanut’s Valentine’s Day party at school.

2. I accidentally washed my 10-year-old black leather gloves with a couple of coats. They were shoved in the pockets and I didn’t remember to remove them. Did you know, when washed, black leather will dye a pink Carhardt coat? Neither did I.

3. Twix is off the biliblanket!! WooHoo! She’s gaining weight and is now up above her birth weight. Sighs of relief all around.

4. The highlight of my day is when I get home and can hold Twix for a little while before Peanut and I head off to read bedtime stories. The world and all its troubles can kiss my… just fade away…….

5. Even though I’m in advertising, I’m a sucker for all those creams that promise amazing skin results. I’ve tried them all, and think they all lie. I found a bottle of 100% pure almond oil in a drawer and have decided to use it as my primary moisturizer. Don’t have to worry about all those chemicals and other artificial ingredients. I have to say, my skin does feel a lot better. As for those lines and wrinkles……..time will tell.

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24 thoughts on “Random Friday Finds for Feb. 21st

  1. sorry to hear about the washing mishap. that plain stinks. i have had my washing mishaps all the time. the hubby enjoys a good laugh or two over them. me, i get pretty worked up & don’t understand how they happen??! ha. ha!! i keep looking for a skin creme (maybe this mean food? or what) (cream?) that will help with my redness. i don’t mind aging because i know it will happen no matter what. i try to stay away from the sun as much as possible. if you find something that works wonders – let us know. please. enjoy your day. ( :


  2. Great news about Twix! As to falling for the claims about those creams, I share that weakness. Just fell for one the other day – it will be an expensive mistake, I suspect. That “$5 miracle cream” recommended by Dr. Oz – not so much $5. That covers shipping for your free trial. If you read the very fine print BELOW the “rush my order” button (which, unfortunately, I did not see until after the fact)) you learn that “free” trial will cost you $84.95.


  3. A worthwhile read here. I struggle a lot with the “worry” portion.
    So sorry about you water mishap, that is never fun to deal with.
    Most beauty products I think do “lie” about how good they will work. There is no fountain of youth in a bottle.
    Good news about the little one. Enjoy time with them.


  4. Gorgeous photo and a fun post!

    I’m here from Random 5 Friday – well mostly I’m here because you kindly stopped by my blog and left a comment – thanks for that!

    Have a blessed weekend.


  5. Lisa,
    I like your positive attitude tidbits and both quotes. Even on the bad days most of us have so much to be thankful for. I often think of the simple everyday thing we take for granted (an abundant supply of safe food and water, clothing, a cozy home, dependable vehicles …) and my bad is soon put into perspective on a bigger level.

    Thank You for dropping in at my blog and hope your weekend is grand.


  6. Wow….you sound like a college professor or a philosopher. Great advice. I am going to print this out, if your blog lets me….and read it everyday. No kidding.
    My sister in law’s sister and her husband had gone on a missionary trip to Africa a couple of years ago. While they were gone, they son put a load of clothes on to wash. He left the house. The washer proceeded to flood the entire house. Insurance paid for new flooring and furniture. For my sister in law and all those she touches, bad luck always turns into something wonderful! I hope it went that way for you, also!
    Almond oil, huh? I know my almost 59 year old skin could use some true moisture. I don’t have any almond oil. I wonder if Wesson oil would do the same thing. (just kidding) I have tried different creams and some expensive tiny bottles of oil, but those wrinkles just keep getting deeper and I don’t see any sign of them going away unless my skin turns to dust….hope that doesn’t happen anytime soon.
    Thanks for visiting my blog. I found yours by your link on your profile page. I’ll be coming back. You sound very wise!


  7. I like the rose as metaphor. I’m so old, I think I’ve given up on wrinkle creams. I do use pure argan oil as a moisturizer though – it just makes my wrinkles feel good.


  8. Sorry to hear about the laundry room, Lisa, but the news about Twix makes that all go away. I am so glad to hear that she is doing well.

    I’ve never tried almond oil, but I DO love my Argan oil! 🙂

    Have a wonderful week, my friend. xo.


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