February Photo Challenge: Red

photo blog challenge


Here it is the end of February. Can you believe it? Bring on Spring!!! What? Not yet? Boo.

PJ over at A ‘lil HooHaa hosts a photo challenge every month. February’s theme is, of course, Red, and most of my selections will be self-explanatory. Since Twix was born on February 3rd and the weather has been so lousy, we’ve been staying inside a lot.

Here’s my two funny Valentines.V-day peanut twix

Continuing with the Happy Heart Day theme, here are my girls…minus one.
me and girls

Did I mention the weather was lousy for most of February? I spent a lot of time filling bird feeders and watching the snow/rain ice pellets. Thankfully, the cardinals are always good for a photo opp.
cardinal 2014

I know this little bluebird’s tummy is more orange…but one needs red to make orange, so it counts.
bluebird 2014

And this one really does fall within the rules too, because pink is a hue of red. pink rose


But since I played a bit fast and loose with these last two, here’s a bonus one. I took it on one of the rare 50F days last week when I took a break from work and went walking.

This pretty much sums up my attitude about winter….Stop…please…stop.

Bam. Done.

Check out what others saw during the month of Red.


17 thoughts on “February Photo Challenge: Red

  1. I know, Lisa, can you believe it’s the end of February already? Where did it go?!?!

    Beautiful red shots! Especially loved the rose. STUNNING capture!

    “This pretty much sums up my atti­tude about winter.…Stop…please…stop.”

    HAHAHAHAHAHA! Loved that last one!

    Have a super weekend, my friend!


  2. Your grandchildren are so cute! I love bird watching, but I do not have a yard, so I do not have a place for a feeder. I have to go to my friend’s house. She has a lot of feeders and a lot of different birds.

    Even though every photo is lovely, I like the sentiment behind the last one. Yes, to winter coming to a full STOP!


  3. Ha, yes, winter has overstayed its welcome. Thse birds should be a sure sign of spring too, or do they hang around all year? Clearly I have no knowldege of birds and their habits 🙂 Nice choices for the month.


  4. Awww those little ones are just so precious.
    Your red shots are wonderful. Cardinals are so pretty and I loved the Blue Bird.
    Yes STOP already with winter. I saw on someone else’s blog they called it the winter that just keeps on giving and giving.


  5. Especially liked the bird photos and the way you continue to include your family every month. We’ve really enjoyed our New Zealand break from winter, but since we’re headed home in a few days, join with you in saying “STOP” to winter….anytime now!


  6. These are great RED shots! Adorable girls you have there and wow, you’re so lucky to have such beautiful bird visit. My usual visitors are chickadees and finches but I do have my regular hummingbird who visits. I’m just joining in on the photo challenge. Great take on RED this month 🙂


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