Facing the future…together

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To us, family means putting your arms around each other and being there.
~Barbara Bush

Peanut and Twix. They will forever be sisters. Whatever life throws at them, rocky or smooth, hopefully they’ll rely on each other and be a stabilizing force in each other’s lives.

As I look at them, I wonder what kind of sisters they will become. Five years apart, they won’t compete with each other in school, but Twix may always be measured by the impression Peanut makes on her teachers. Five years apart, Peanut may feel more protective of Twix, viciously defending her when threatened. But there will be times when they will scream at each other; fight with each other; and sometimes hate each other. It just goes with the territory…and lots of estrogen. I am a sister and have two daughters….so I know from first-hand experience! 🙂

But despite the difference in age, they will cry together over losses; laugh together over happy times; giggle together as they get into mischief; smile at each other with their secrets; and unite together against the evil parental empire. 🙂

They will be individual and unique, yet have a life-long connection with each other. The experiences they have as sisters will define them as women, and unite or divide them in ways they can’t comprehend right now.

My prayer for my two grand girls is that they will always be there for each other, whatever the future holds; that they will learn how to fight constructively, but forgive and extend grace when the dust settles; that they will always encourage each other through the bad times and rejoice with each other during the good; that they are willing to become each other’s security blanket when needed.

Mainly, my prayer is that they will be more than just siblings; that they will realize  the relationship they have is one born of God…a very special heavenly gift to each other for as long a they live.

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27 thoughts on “Facing the future…together

  1. Gep and Kat are five years apart, and I am blessed with their love for each other and how much they enjoy spending time together. I’m sure your grandgirls will be the same, blessing you and their parents.


  2. Our children are five years apart. Our daughter is the oldest, and there was a time when she didn’t want a little brother hanging around. It didn’t matter that they weren’t both girls – they fought plenty and forgave. Now that they are adults (both married), they are close friends. This summer, we are all going to vacation together. I consider that a great blessing. We hardly ever see our son and daughter-in-law. I am thankful that our daughter arranged this. It was a great surprise!


  3. I can’t imagine life without my sisters! I got Ginny a card once that talked about sisters belonging to the same house but each looks out a different window – I love that concept.


  4. Lisa, this post was so beautifully written!

    And that photograph of them together is so, so, so, sweet and tender!

    My younger brother and I are 9 years apart, and he and I are the closest of my other siblings.

    Have a lovely week, my friend!


  5. Lisa, this is such a pretty capture of the two looking into each other’s faces. Lovely quilt for them to lay out on! Sweet!!


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