Recapping the months as they whizz by

I found some collage templates at Coffee Shop and some more inspiration at Mona’s Picturesque. Two absolutely fabulous places to spend time and learn about all things Photoshop. Thank you ladies, for being so generous with your time and talents.

So, I thought it would be fun to play around with the collage templates and recap our family months as they whizz by at the speed of ridiculous. Come along with me if you want…..


First, we have January. Cold and dark, January is always a bit of a let down from the holiday hoopla of December. I usually spend the month wishing for a good ol’ fashioned snowstorm. The month ought to be good for something, right? Oh yeah, and it’s my birthday month. 🙂

January 2014 collage

This year we had to cancel our Mexico vacay, but did manage to grab Peanut and run away to Phoenix for a long weekend. We took in the children’s museum, a desert botanical garden and the Phoenix Zoo where Peanut and I fed a giraffe and rode a camel. The Investigator held down the fort as she wasn’t going anywhere at seven and a half months preggers.

Isn’t this fun?


We greeted February with eager anticipation of the late-month arrival of Twix. But, as you know, she arrived three weeks early…just ahead of another winter storm. Needless to say, we’ve been more than content to stay inside where it’s warm and enjoy this new little bundle of love.

February 2014 collage

Learn to appreciate what you have before time makes you appreciate what you had.

My plan is to recap each of our family’s months in a storyboard of photos. That IS my plan, but as we all know, plans have the uncanny ability of disintegrating in front of our eyes.

As you get older, you realize time moves at warp speed, so I hope you all find ways to enjoy every moment you have, and not waste one precious second on things that distract you from the grand plan.

Cherish the moments you have here and now because time is a finite resource. Once it’s gone….there’s no getting it back.

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12 thoughts on “Recapping the months as they whizz by

  1. Lisa, what a faaaabulous way to recap the months!

    Your collages are AWESOME!

    “Cherish the moments you have here and now because time is a finite resource. Once it’s gone.…there’s no get­ting it back.”

    Amen! And I also love that quote you shared!

    I forward to seeing more of these storyboards. What a great idea!


  2. Lisa, I love the idea of making a monthly family storyboard. Your collages are wonderful. It is interesting that we both wrote about the value of time and how finite it is, even though we had different approaches. Great minds think alike!?


  3. Mona’s place is fabulous. I found the same templates there too. I love them. I want to start monthly storyboards as well, and then have them introduce my monthly layout in my photobooks. Thanks so much for linking, I am thrilled to have you.


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