Random Friday Finds, March 7

Hello, and hope you all had a good week. Mine was a mixed bag, as usual. Some highs, some lows. That’s pretty much normal, isn’t it? But life goes on and it becomes a matter of how we react to those lows that really define us, isn’t it?

1. Well, March came in like a lion to middle Missouri. Titan was the name of this winter storm, and while the weather guessers didn’t get the snowfall accurate, there was enough ice to make for a driving mess. We didn’t leave the driveway from Saturday noon to Monday morning just to be on the safe side. This coming week’s teaser promise of temps in the 50sF can’t come soon enough.

2. Last Saturday afternoon we decided to go ahead and have The Investigator’s baby sprinkle and hope Titan would hold off until it was finished. This was rescheduled from February’s original date because of the last winter storm. Titan did oblige. A baby sprinkle is not a full-blown shower, but people come and bring a few of the essentials a new mom needs for her second child….and a few new, cute things for the baby, because every girl a few new, cute things. We also got an updated shot of four generations together in one place….and smiling at the same time.
four generation 2014

3. Been having some fun with nail art the past few weeks. I’ve done snowflakes, aqua/black/silver stripes and black/gold tiger stripes. Still getting the hang of painting details with my left hand. Yes boys and girls, cabin fever is in full force.
nail art

4. My Strategic Communications capstone class is going fairly well. Only one PIA client out of three. The teams are amazingly on schedule and I’m cautiously optimistic. Yesterday the teams gave in-class presentations in front of some of my industry professional friends who tore apart their proposed ideas offered constructive criticism and feedback on their strategic plans so far. Encore in two weeks.

5. Tanner really needs a bath. I’m hoping to hit a warm day soon so he can have a spa day. In winter, that involves taking him to the local farm and home store’s doggie wash, soaping him up, brushing him out and blow drying him as dry as I can get him. Think of it as a manual, coin-operated car wash….for dogs. Brilliant.
Tanner and Twix
Hmmmm, haven’t seen one of these for a while……

Those are my random finds for the week. Hope yours was a good one.

fridayfindsbutton2  random 5



17 thoughts on “Random Friday Finds, March 7

  1. Doing a spring dance, trying to exorcise winter while I’m on the eastern side of the country. Yeah, like I have any control! Well okay, so I’ll join you in wishing for spring.


  2. I’ve never heard of a baby “sprinkle” before. Love that you got the 4-Generation photo, you all look so much alike and very happy.
    What a darling photo of the dog and the baby. Super sweet. Animals are really curious around babies.
    Cool looking nails. I am trying to grow mine out again. I have a period of about 2-4 months during the winter season where I get nervous and chew on them so it takes awhile to get them looking nice again.


  3. Titan was a dud here in PA…thank goodness. Those ice storms are the worst!! Love the multi-generation photo…what a keepsake to have. Hoping you see Spring soon!


  4. Great to be able to have a generatinal pic! Your baby sprinkle that is what people do in Holland (country of origin), only they don’t have a name for it. And every visitor gets a rusk (kind of a biscuit) with pink and white sugar coated aniseseed sprinkles on top when it’s a girl, and blue&white when it’s a boy.


  5. I love the photograph of four generations, and the baby and dog!

    My dogs need a bath so bad right now. Laura is stinking up my house. Strider never seems to smell for some reason. We have a doggy wash nearby, but I usually do it at home. I have a dog dryer. You have too with two Old English Sheepdogs, unless your husband agrees to pay for grooming. Mine didn’t. I don’t think doggy washes existed ten years ago when I purchased the dryer.

    You are putting cabin fever to fun use…love the nail art 🙂


  6. “But life goes on and it becomes a matter of how we react to those lows that really define us, isn’t it?”

    You said, Lisa!

    Love the photograph of you ladies at the shower. Twix is such an adorable little sweetheart!

    Also, I love your nails. They’re oh-la-la!

    Have a lovely weekend, my friend. We’re supposed to be getting some really nice Spring-like weather here this weekend. So, I’ll be outside enjoying it and taking some photos.


  7. My goodness! You can tell you are all related — the ‘eyes’ have it! Never heard of a baby sprinkle — got me thinking about sprinkling versus immersion. 🙂
    Thank goodness we don’t have to do cat washes! I don’t know who would get wetter. At least he’s an indoor cat.


  8. My husband does on of ours in the bathtub, He doesn’t have much hair anymore and his gets irritated if he bath him too much.


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