Random Friday Finds for March 14

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You’ve only got three choices in life: Give up, give in or give it all you’ve got.

How true is this quote I discovered for Kim’s Friday Finds? How often do we feel like we just want to give up and give in to life’s adversarial circumstances? I believe it’s because giving up/giving in to everything from a 5-year-old’s hard-headed stubbornness to a major life spitball is so much easier than digging in to fight the long fight.

We tend to throw in the towel because giving everything we’ve got for the long haul is really super hard. And we don’t like hard. We want easy. We want perfect without the practice. We want what we want….without exerting any more effort than we think is absolutely necessary…much like that little 5-year-old.

Life….give your all to the stuff that matters most….because in the end, those are the only things worthwhile.

Now for Nancy’s Radom Five:

1. Today would have been my dad’s 86th birthday. But he passed in 1992 at the age of 64, one year from being able to retire. I think there’s a lesson in that story. Retire early? Yes, please. But the bigger lesson is to make sure we make every moment count with those we love. My last memory is of celebrating Thanksgiving…taking for granted we had lots years ahead of us…thinking our daughters would have countless times to make memories with him…never realizing that within a week, he’d be gone. Life…yes, it is short. Stop wasting time and give it all you’ve got.

2. Entrepreneur replaced our perfectly good television. We are now proud owners of a 65 inch, high-definition one. To accommodate this, he had the bridges in our entertainment center extended. The good news is the picture is so crisp and clear that we can see the pores on the faces of the people on the screen. The bad news is he forgot to increase the size of the family room.

3. Peanut is obsessed with the movie Frozen, and is working on the lyrics to many of the songs. This has led to a new Peanutism…Rememberize. I’ve rememberized a lot of the words to the songs, Nana. Yes, baby, you certainly have!

4. Peanut is now officially registered for kindergarten. Exactly, how and when did she get old enough for *big school*?! We went to visit the elementary school and turn in her paperwork…which BTW, is the same school her Mama and Godmom went to when they were younger. It seems like just yesterday. So many memories flooded back as we walked the halls. Life…yes, it is short. Stop wasting time and give it all you’ve got. Do you see a theme here?
kindergarten reg 1  kindergarten reg 2
kindergarten reg 3

5. Twix was 5 weeks old last Monday. Mama got her first social smile yesterday while they were running errands. That’s always such a thrill when your baby looks at you and there’s a “Hey, I know you” connection in their eyes…and then they smile. Those are the times that really fill your heart with joy.
Twix-5 weeks

Life…yes, it is short. Stop wasting time and give it all you’ve got.

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11 thoughts on “Random Friday Finds for March 14

  1. You can show her this video when she is opening on Broadway! Very sweet – she made this Grammy smile. My mom always taught me there is no free lunch but if I was willing to work hard, the sky was the limit. It was good advise. Enjoy the little ones – day by day.


  2. Yes, nodding my head. Up, down, up, down. Everything you say is so true. My 6-y/o granddaughter is also obsessed with Frozen right now. And the baby? Beautiful.


  3. Love the quote you found. Wow..5 weeks already, and so adorable as well as the older sister. Time does pass by so quickly, and one of the reasons I love being a grandma is because time is now slower for me, and I can enjoy. Whereas, when I was raising my children, I was so busy working and doing a family that in looking back did not realize how swiftly it was heading to their no longer being little or being home with us. I now see my daughter being so busy as a single mom, and I’m glad my life has slowed to the point of giving my undivided attention to the littlekins. 🙂


  4. Okay Lisa, first of all I have to give a big round of applause to Peanut!


    OMG…how ADORABLE was that video? And I LOVE her hand and arm gestures! Aren’t kids faaaaabulous? Please tell Peanut I think she has a actress career in store for her.

    Wonderful post! I LOVED the quote and photo!

    And I sooooooo agree with you….

    “But the bigger lesson is to make sure we make every moment count with those we love.”

    And also…give it all you got!

    Have a lovely weekend, my friend!


  5. Congrats to Peanut and being all signed up for big kid school. How exciting… I am just really glad that the televisions are getting lighter now days–lifting the old big ones was not fun… I had to laugh at your Frozen mention and the singing. I am working on a post related to kids and that movie; inspired by me scrubbing the floor and listening to kids jump and dance around to “Love is an Open Door” 12 or 13 times straight.


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