Birthday Reflections

The Investigator’s birthday is today! I’ve written about everything there is to write about that day in previous posts and was trying to come up with a new angle for this year.

And I found it.

2 month-3 gen 72

This is three generations of almost 2 month old babies…beginning with moi at around 2 months. The next one is my firstborn, The Investigator, at 7 weeks. The third one is her firstborn, Peanut, around 7-8 weeks and fourth is Twix, at 6-7 weeks.

I think the eyes have it!

It’s a low-key birthday this year. Of course she received gifts and the standard Facebook well wishes. Overall, it’s been a quiet day so far, and she seems to be a bit more introspective this year as comes to the end of her twenties. There’s been a lot of changes in the past year and new chapters are opening up in her life. In a few weeks, she’ll return to work when her two and a half month maternity leave ends.

As I looked through the album for a photo of her at 7 weeks, I have no idea how the time slipped by so fast.

A child’s birthday is a flurry of excitement and party planning. Except for milestone birthdays, there’s less hoopla for adult birthdays. But, that doesn’t diminish what a parent feels for their child on the day of their birth, not matter what the age.

Every birthday is worthy of celebration…whether it be big or small. To commemorate the day your child arrived on this earth is always reason enough to celebrate. And I hope she feels the same way. It’s more than *just another day,* and I hope she understands that her birth day is an opportunity to reflect on where she’s been….and to ahead to where she’s going in the future. That, even though there isn’t a huge outward party this year, there is still a reason to celebrate…everything life has given her and the opportunity to shape what her future will become.

So, a very Happy Birth Day to my firstborn! Now that you have children of your own, you begin to understand what I mean when I say I love you more than you’ll every know!

 God gave us the gift of life; it is up to us to give ourselves the gift of living well.


5 thoughts on “Birthday Reflections

  1. Most definitely, the eyes have it here, Lisa. So alike.
    It all goes by too fast, doesn’t it?

    Happy Birthday, Investigator! You have a beautiful family.


  2. Happy Birthday to your firstborn, Lisa! And what a wonderful post! Love the three generations photo collage. And yes, most definitely, the ‘eyes’ have it!

    It’s funny how birthdays start to become more and more low-keyed as we get older. Like you, I love birthdays and think they’re worth celebrating. But as I’ve gotten older, I prefer spending the day with just a few close friends; having dinner and dessert, but quietly.

    Hope your weekend was FAB, my friend!


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