My new job!

Easter Peanut Twix 72
texture by Kim Klassen; Day 100% soft light

Grandchildren give us a second chance
to do things better because they bring out the best in us.
~author unknown

The Investigator’s maternity leave is finished. A day most Mama’s dread. The day they need to turn their baby over to another’s care for most of the work day.

In her case though, the turning over didn’t go far. In fact, all it really required was a walk up the stairs to hand her to me before dashing out the door!

Let me announce my new job….Nana, the Nanny!

Technically, it’s an additional job as I’ve transferred my day-job home. But, I’m happy to split my time to take care of Twix…to ease Mama’s worry over having to leave her baby to go back to work. And to eliminate the expense of infant daycare! Truthfully, it’s a bit self-serving as I’ve been looking forward to this for months. Entrepreneur is less sure it will work, but I’m optimistic.

So, the plan is to work feverishly when she’s sleeping and then enjoy bonding with this grandbabykin the rest of the time. I’m trying not to think of the challenges that the future will bring… in a month when Peanut is out for the summer and I have both of them until kindergarten begins. I’m sure some days it will work flawlessly and other days will descend into anarchy. Can you say logistics?!

Not many grandparents get this opportunity and I feel blessed to be able to be able to have this special time with them while it lasts.

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12 thoughts on “My new job!

  1. I wish you the very best in this venture. Spending time will be wonderful – and exhausting – but finding time for your day job could be a real challenge I fear.


  2. Lisa, I think it’s so awesome that you have a job you can transfer to home!

    “I’m sure some days it will work flaw­lessly and other days will descend into anarchy. Can you say logistics?!”

    Like anything new, it’ll take getting into ‘rhythm’ but I’m sure it’ll all work out great!

    “I feel blessed to be able to be able to have this spe­cial time with them while it lasts.”


    Have a super week, Nana, the Nanny 🙂


  3. Love that photo. They look so cute in their matching dresses.
    You’ll do fine. It just takes a bit tweaking with your schedule and you’ll find one that works for all of you. Enjoy!


  4. You are SO wonderful to do this, and I think it will be challenging and equally, joyful. I think of the days that I was working full-time in a corporate job but primarily from a home office, with my own two (still little) kids about the place. It’s chaotic at times, but workable. Especially as you won’t have them at night as well! And what a bonus for you to have your grandbabies so close.



  5. How exciting, Lisa! You are so generous to give such a gift to your daughter and grandbabies and I know that you will love having so much time with them. Sounds like a win-win! Just make sure to devote some time to taking care of yourself as well. And that picture at the top brings tears to my eyes. Such beautiful girls!


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