Photo Blogging Challenge: Smile!

photo blog challenge

This month, PJ’s theme is Smile. And, although the temps are still below normal, there was enough going on to get five.

1. Twix turned two months old on  April 3rd, and is smiling all the time now! She lights up and smiles when she sees Mama, Peanut, Papa and me! And, it lights up our day as well.
twix 10 weeks

2. Spring is coming….. slowly. But there’s hope. I have cut a few daffodils and more trees are beginning to show their leaves. And that makes me smile, for sure!spring bud

3. Our church had a Family Easter Celebration with a Scooby Doo theme…complete with the pooch, himself! Peanut and her friends were fortunate enough to be in the same room with him after the play. Smiles all around.
peanut Scooby

4. Twix was baptized into the Christian faith on Palm Sunday in her Mama’s baptism dress and her Nana’s baby bonnet. 🙂
Twix baptism

5. Easter came with glorious weather and after church we went to Entrepreneur’s parent’s house for an egg hunt for the three 4- and 5-year old great grandbabykins. Seventy-five plastic eggs filled with treasures were all found in record time…which brought smiles to their faces when opened to find candy and coins.
peanut egg hunt

Those are my Smiles for this month. Check out the other smiles over at a ‘lil’ hoohaa. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for May.


10 thoughts on “Photo Blogging Challenge: Smile!

  1. Each one of these made me smile, Lisa! 🙂

    Especially loved the first one…

    “She lights up and smiles when she sees Mama, Peanut, Papa and me! And, it lights up our day as well.”

    So precious.

    Have a terrific Thursday!


  2. I have CHILLS after looking at your pictures… CHILLS. They are just so beautiful!!!! The Baptism one really got me. They do Baptisms during the Easter Saturday night two hour vigil once the sun sets… I cry every time. There is something so magical and spiritual about a Baptism!


  3. Wow! What meaningful, beautiful photographs. You have some really great skills when it comes to getting the focus just right and choosing the best aperture for the job. So glad you took part this month, ’cause I’m pretty sure we’re all smiling as we read your post!


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