Spring finds me happy!

Happy redbud
texture by Kim Klassen: elevate 50% soft light

Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.
Abraham Lincoln

I found spring this week! And I’m a bit late but sharing it on today’s Friday Finds over at Kim Klassen’s Café.

I saw this quote and thought, yes, that is very true. Have you ever marveled at people who are obviously at odds with the world, but are happy anyway? People who don’t let life’s detours derail them? People who make lemonade from those pucker-face lemons?

I want to be like them.

I want to be able to…despite plans that don’t go my way…be able to find the happy things about my life. I want to be able to maintain a positive attitude, despite coming in contact with people who see only the bad things that have happened in their life. I want to rise above a bad day and be thankful that I had that day to begin with.

Not going to lie…I need a lot of work in these areas.

Today I had a 5-year-old home from school with a cold, a fussy 3-month-old baby who hasn’t slept for more than 45 minutes at a time, student presentation dress rehearsal feedback to write, and, oh yeah, work correspondence to maintain. And, Entrepreneur wanted me to clean the dog kennel so he could begin/finish some major renovations when he came home.

Pick any two or three and it might have been do-able.

But Spring is here and the temps will be in the 80s next week. So, I think I’ll just pour a glass of wine, wish everyone TGIF and call it a day.

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3 thoughts on “Spring finds me happy!

  1. Lisa, I loved this post AND this quote…

    “Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.
    Abraham Lincoln”

    Amen! And how true that is. In fact, it’s ironic you posted about this because just yesterday I was talking with a fellow-worker and we were discussing this same topic. Being happy despite plans that don’t go our way.

    Have a super weekend, my friend. Enjoy this spring.

    And your…wine 🙂


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