Sharing custody

For the past month or so my blog has experienced some major set backs. My hosting company has been plagued with interrupted service and my blog has appeared and disappeared from the Interweb numerous times. When I can’t access my dashboard, it panics me to think everything has been lost. I do back up occasionally, but there would be significant loss (in my opinion) if it decided to go down permanently. To add to the frustration, I’m not getting email notification when one of you comment on a post and it seems that my blog doesn’t work with some RSS feeds or mobile devices anymore.

And don’t even get me started about spam! I used to think the comments were humorous and good for a laugh. But lately, if I go more than 24 hours without emptying the spam folder, I have literally thousands of spam comments. Thank goodness for the Askimet plugin.

And remember that new job I have? Well, it’s like puppyhood. When you haven’t had one for a while, you forget how demanding a puppy is on your time. Evidently, it’s the same with babies. Twix, while very adorable and cuddly, is proving to be more demanding of my time at three months than I previously thought. Those long morning and afternoon naps just have not materialized yet and I’m either working at my  paid job….or working at my unpaid job…leaving little time to visit my bloggy buddies, write very much….clean the house…..cook meals…..etc. Thankfully, my teaching gig is finished until next January. That first week of May was a real challenge with student presentations and wrapping up end-of-the-year details.

So back to the blog battle. My contract with the hosting company runs out in October. I’ve resurrected my blog in case I need to make a jump beforehand. For the time being, I’ll be writing and saving drafts in my .com account. When they’re ready, I’ll post to my .com blog and copy it to my .org blog. Periodically, I’ll export posts and comments from .org and import to .com until the time comes when I’ll close the .org blog for good. Clear as mud, right? Sounds confusing, but I don’t know any other way to ensure that nothing gets lost in cyberspace. Plus, if something happened to me, no one would need to keep up the hosting expense and the .com blog could serve as a little something I could leave behind for my daughters and grandbabykins to read.

So, my apologies if I’m inconsistent in my visits to see all of you, and ask that you please be patient with me while I figure all this out. You can find me here at AND also at

See you soon!


Thank you for taking time to comment. I appreciate each and every one.

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