A peek into my Friday morning

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Grace is a power that comes in and transforms a moment into something better. ~ Caroline Myss

A peek into my Friday morning…

Outside my window…
the brilliantly red male cardinals are calling to find that special someone.

I am thinking…
how much I need to purge out the home office so we can permanently move the business in-house.

I am thankful…
I get to be an intricate part of my grandbabykins’ lives right now.

In the kitchen…
it’s a mess. But the dishwasher is running so there’s hope.

I am wearing…
jeans, orange and yellow print collared shirt; no shoes. The work attire of choice these days.

I am creating…
a family photo wall collage in the stairwell. Or at least I’m thinking about it.

I am going…
to Wally World for essentials….and probably many non-essentials

I am wondering…
How I’m going to juggle Twix, Peanut, her brother and work this summer without dropping something.

I am reading…
nothing at the moment. I’m successful if I get a couple magazines read a month anymore!

I am hoping…
not to have any drama this weekend.

I am looking forward to…
having fresh veggies from the garden

I am learning…
how to multi-task to the Nth degree.

Around the house…
I need to pull the weeds. Sometimes it’s therapeutic.

I am pondering…
why Twix can sleep for hours in my arms but only 30 minutes in her crib.

A favorite quote for today
The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is an attribute of the strong. ~Mahatma Gandhi

One of my favorite things…
is to kick back on the patio in the early evening with a glass of wine…and a husband, one daughter, two grandbabykins and three dogs. Is that an oxymoron?

A few plans for the rest of this 3-day holiday weekend:
Relax. Recharge. Refresh.

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4 thoughts on “A peek into my Friday morning

  1. It sounds like life is generally doing just fine for you, albeit being a bit challenging. Perhaps you can find a daycamp for the older grandbabykins for at least part of the summer. And maybe make that two glasses of wine when the family is all together in the evening. Slow cooker dinners and salads made ahead of time could lighten the evening shores.


  2. I bet the photo collage will be wonderful when you get a chance to do that (sounds like with your responsibilities, it will be a challenge). And ha with the sleepy baby in your arms. When my daughter was an infant she would do the same thing–put her down and her eyes opened in seconds. It was quite the challenge.


  3. Gorgeous photo collage, Lisa!

    “Grace is a power that comes in and trans­forms a moment into some­thing better. ~ Caroline Myss”

    And I love that quote. I’ve read several books of Caroline Myss.

    “is to kick back on the patio in the early evening with a glass of wine”


    Hope you had a super Memorial Day, my friend!


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