May Photo Challenge: FUN!

photo blog challenge

It’s the end of May! Whaaatttt? How did that happen? And once again, it’s time for PJ’s photo challenge. This month’s prompt is FUN.

May is typically our May-hem month. Birthdays, graduations, confirmations, holidays, Mom’s Day…you name it, and it probably happens in May. This year wasn’t any different and by this time, we’re all breathing a collective sigh of relief and hoping for a summer break.

But not before I show you the FUN that was had during the month.

1. The Princesses like to fish. And, of course, do it dressed in skirts and dresses. Of course.

peanut princess fishing

2. Peanut’s Pre-K class hosted a Mom’s Day party. Conveniently, The Investigator happened to have a *call* she had to make in this area of town at that exact time. Peanut had resigned herself that Mama wouldn’t be there so when she arrived, there were smiles all around. And tissue paper flower corsages.

peanut and mom

3. Growing things is always fun. Especially in a hand-painted flower pot.

peanut potted plants

4. Hanging out with friends is fun. And when you’re 3 months old, friends that hang out in front you are especially fun to watch.

twix and toes

5. Leaning new skills is fun…especially when it comes with a pink bat. Now she needs to learn to keep her eye on the ball and not close them when she swings!

t-ball peanut

Bonus shot: Fun is never far behind when these cousins get together!


Many thanks to PJ at A ‘lil’ hoohaa for hosting the photo challenge. Check our the other fun things that happened in May HERE …but not until Friday. 😉

12 thoughts on “May Photo Challenge: FUN!

  1. Fun pics. Glad the boy on the bottom is a tough guy to withstand the family dog pile. And I am all for fishing in whatever attire makes one comfortable–a person needs to compensate for the bait and fishy smells anyway.


  2. FUN, FUN pictures, Lisa!

    I love the expression on Peanuts face, holding that painted flower pot. PRECIOUS!

    “4. Hanging out with friends is fun. And when you’re 3 months old, friends that hang out in front you are espe­cially fun to watch.”

    Adorable capture!

    Happy Friday!


  3. BEAUTIFUL children, and all having fun!!!! These made me smile all the way down. I think my favorite is the fishing picture, as I have taken my kids fishing since they were little. My 13 year old daughter can cast further out in the ocean than I can! All wonderful HAPPY FUN shots!


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