June Photo Challenge: Vehicles

photo blog challenge

Sooo, June’s challenge over at PJ’s is Vehicles. Vehicles?

One would need to actually go somewhere in order to successfully complete this challenge. And when you’re a Nana nanny that has a 5 year old and a 5 month old in tow, that doesn’t happen unless absolutely necessary….and then the last thing I have time to do is snap some pics. But here goes……

1. The Investigator is wanting to go in a new direction in the area of transportation. After five years, she’s tired of the van and is looking for something a bit more, shall we say, non-conservative. We’ve tried to tell her that a van is fantastic for hauling kids and stuff….to which she asked if we want to buy it? Um…no….been there….done that…..have the T-shirt.

2. This one is titled the Sailboat Pipe Dream. Entrepreneur wants to buy a sailboat when our financial ship comes in….but it’s lost in the fog right now. So this one will have to do for the time being.

Bam. Two down, three to go.

3. Repurposed gas pumps for vehicles can be found tucked away in Branson at a wonderful cafe called Billy Gails. Don’t you just love the flower power theme?
billy gail gas pumps

4. Nothing runs like a Deere. Entrepreneur’s weekly mental health sessions take about an hour and a half for our two-acre lot on this vehicle. Panama Jack hat optional.
John Deere

5. Foot-powered vehicles come in many varieties. Peanut is mastering the scooter before she moves on to bigger two-wheel transportation.
scooter peanut

Done and done. Don’t forget to navigate over to A lil’HooHaa on June 29th to see other vehicular interpretations.

11 thoughts on “June Photo Challenge: Vehicles

  1. You did well with the vehicle challenge. We don’t have 2 acres, but with a push mower it takes me awhile and I can relate to the mental health benefits of lawn cutting.


  2. AWESOME selection of photos for this theme, Lisa!

    “Don’t you just love the flower power theme?”

    LOVED that one especially!!!!!

    Also the one of Peanut on her scooter!

    Well done, my friend!


  3. Good selection of photos.

    I was laying in bed, last night, thinking about the scooters of my childhood and wondering why we don’t see them any more, when low and behold! You post a photo of one 🙂


  4. Nice Photos. I’ve been by Billy Gails many times, and haven’t noticed those gas pumps! I’ll have to look for them next time I’m in Branson. Thanks for sharing!


  5. Nice choices this month. I love the gas pumps. They should do that here in Montreal just to distract us from the ridiculous prices that we’re being charged to fill up 😉


  6. When I read your opening lines, I kinda expected a photograph of a stroller. Maybe there’s a way to work that I to the baseball theme? Favourite, by far, is Peanut on her scooter. You really did a nice job of capturing how single-min deadly children can focus when they’re learning something new.


  7. I never owned a minivan, even though I knew it was practical. I just couldn’t bring myself to buy one. So, I drove a station wagon because it is way cooler than a van 🙂

    My husband would love to own a sail boat. If he could sail around the world, I think he would. I get seasick.

    Fun post!


  8. Truly do love the gas pumps. Good stuff. And a sailboat would be pretty sweet. As for mowing … not fun. But I could see where it might be nice with a riding mower.


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