Y is for YOU!

In the beginning….God spoke to mankind. He used the pronoun YOU in his first communication with his human creation. He made it personal.

So sets the tone for how the relationship between God and us is suppose to be. Personal.

Likewise, the New Testament ends with mankind’s communication with God with the plea, Amen. Come Lord Jesus.

Between the first and last pages of the Christian bible are poetry, stories, history and parables about YOU…about me…and our personal relationship with God. It’s the story of US! With the first word that spoke the world into existence to the predictions of the end of the age, the words of the bible are carefully chosen, God-inspired messages to us. Messages to remind YOU…and me that our lives are designed for something bigger than ourselves.

Sometimes it may seem like God’s a gazillion miles away and not vested in our happiness. But that is never the case. Most of the time if we feel God is far away from us, it’s because we’ve moved away from him.

We’ve made it impersonal.

The truth is, God is crazy about YOU. It’s not a concept that is truly understood on our end. Who really understands unconditional love and forgiveness? By most of our actions, we certainly don’t. But over and over in the bible are examples of God’s mercy, grace and forgiveness for his creation…for me….for YOU.

From JC’s parables about lost sheep, to lost coins, to the prodigal son, God’s message is clear. His love for YOU…and me is extravagant, unexplainable and almost impossible to understand.

For him, it’s personal.

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9 thoughts on “Y is for YOU!

  1. Yahweh, the Great I Am… and the Divine Sofia, working hand in hand to create. While I, even as a Christian, find much to question about the literal translation and interpretation of the Bible, I do believe this: God is love. Jesus said “love.” All paths that are spiritual begin and end with LOVE. Would that the world would stop factionalizing God and focus on the words!! Peace, and thanks, Amy


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