A light in the darkness

butterlfy on window72
Texture by Kim Klassen; Way, 100% multiply

Faith shines brightest in the dark.

It’s no secret we all have dark days. Days, weeks and even months of disappointments, frustration and broken dreams.

Why are some people able to shine through the darkness while others get consumed by the black abyss? Truly, it’s a question of who can survive and who cannot. It’s a survival of the fittest….and many times, that depends on a person’s spiritual fitness.

If you’re a believer, you know that just because you have faith doesn’t guarantee you a life of butterflies and roses. Our lives are not free from struggles. And, as odd as it may seem, that is by design.

God uses our trials, pain and disappointments to mold and develop our character. It’s through these dark times that he is most at work in our lives….if we allow him to accomplish what he’s intended for us. And most of the time, that plan is contrary to what we have planned for our lives.

Prayer, obedience and repentance are the response we need to live a life filled with shining moments. When faced with dark times, our focus is re-directed and we learn to rely on the strength of the One who can see us through….regardless of the outcome….trusting that what we’re going through is nothing we can’t overcome with His help.

But many times we aren’t willing to allow that to happen, are we? Many times we simply will not trust that his plan is to allow struggles in order help us shine through life’s storms. We choose to retreat and live in the shadows…forever destined to drift on the seas of misery, depression, bitterness and resentment.

Dark times and adversity only last as long as it takes to teach us the lesson we’re suppose to be learning. Unfortunately, sometimes that takes a reeeeeally long time. Resisting, rebelling and insisting our way is better only prolongs the agony.

Nana, come quick! I neeeeeed you!

I dropped everything thinking the worst. Blood? Broken bones? Was a trip to the doctor in our schedule?

But her urgency was only to show me a moth that was on the window one sunny morning. Her observation and fascination of the light shining through its transparent wings was reason enough to summon me away from my work…and consuming obsessing over recent dark struggles and challenges in life.

And sometimes, it’s just that simple.

May light shine through your darkness today and always.

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11 thoughts on “A light in the darkness

  1. “Why are some people able to shine through the dark­ness while others get con­sumed by the black abyss?” – sometimes it is spiritual fitness and other times it’s simply personality and character such as strength and determination. What brings one person to an all time low might be simply a bump in the road to someone else. I think much of how we cope is determined in how we process…and how we process reveals what we’re made of!


  2. Lisa, I have discovered that it is through darkness, I know light. And when I look back (as hard at was for me, then) I see those times as some of the most amazing periods of my life. Because I was taught faith.

    Great post, my friend. Beautiful photo and quote!


  3. I wrote a comment for this post, but I am using WP on my phone, so the comment ended up on my blog. Me and technology.

    The first of it was that I have been learning patience for a lifetime, because if God does not answer my prayer immediately, I take control of the reigns. HE REIGNS.


  4. You always have such insightful posts. This one is really go as I do see many people who have gone through far worse in their life than I can imagine, and they come through the fire so gracefully. Sometimes when I tend to whine about things, I try to remember those people and use them as an example plus while also talking to God. The term his time, not ours is so true. It took years for an answer about my son and praise God I could never have foreseen the answer that he gave with my negativity.

    Little ones are so fun with their excitement of the world. Love those grandbabies to pieces. They make my older life worth many smiles as I’m sure your do to. Many blessings.


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