Summer's Schizophrenia

mandevilla droplet
Texture by Kim Klassen: Cora 50% soft light.

We’ve had a strange summer so far. Just when I think the stereotypical middle Missouri summer is here…hot, humid and drought dry with triple digit temps….I find I’m turning off the A/C and opening the windows. I’m not really complaining, but we did purchase a pool membership this year for the grandbabykins and I’m sure we’ve lost money on it so far.

Twix has been enjoying her mid-morning bottle on the patio almost every day. Usually, my patio pots are looking pretty sad by the middle of July. But this year, they’re thriving. I must remember this combination: mandevillas, daisies and portulaca. The lawn is normally struggling by mid-summer, despite the sprinkler system but this year, it feels like a carpet under our bare feet.

flower pot

Temps are expected to fall into the 70sF for the next few days; with nights in the 50sF. The fur balls that spend their time outside are luvin’ it. I believe we might also be above average for rain as well.

Last week we experienced quite the summer storm, knocking out the power at our house for 6 hours. Some neighborhoods went three days without power. Estimated 60-70mph straight-line winds broke trees, and our neighbor lost the top of a 40-foot Sugar Maple tree when it snapped off about halfway up the trunk. We had a few limbs downed but, thankfully, nothing major.


The one thing that is having mixed reviews is the veggie garden. I’ve picked about three five-gallon buckets of green beans so far and the tomato and pepper plants are heavy with green fruit….but nothing has turned red enough to pick! The okra is refusing to grow since we’ve not had any super hot weather. And the corn is probably ready, but to venture into the garden now is to sink up to mid-calf in the mud. But for fresh corn, I’m more than willing to make that sacrifice.

daisy droplets

All in all, a very strange, inconsistent summer so far. How is your summer going? Are you hotter or cooler than normal?

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11 thoughts on “Summer's Schizophrenia

  1. We’re hotter than normal. Have our normal brown spots for this time of year in the lawn and I’m wishing for a/c – something I normally do not wish for.


  2. The same here, Lisa. We get a 4-5 days of really hot and humid weather, then it rains and cools things off. I’m not complaining at all though, because I would rather it be that way than constant heat and humidity.

    GORGEOUS flowers! Especially love the one of the daisy and water drops.

    Have a super Tuesday!


  3. I love that combination in your planter! Really pretty. It sounds like you’re having the summer we had last year. This year it’s more back to normal here in Kentucky. The grass is parched, the flowers struggling, we’re begging for rain. Oh, by the way! I love that quote, too. So apt.


  4. MO… I’m in MO too… now I must know where you are at. I absolutely loved the cooler weather this week. I was in fall heaven. My tomatoes are right with yours. The only people who seem to have ripe tomatoes are the farmers who planted them early in the hoop houses. We got those winds too. I am from SD, so I know a little about straight-line winds, but the clouds that came with it, kind of freaked me out. We lost the top of our cherry tree, but it’s a little guy so I think it will recover. Your pots are gorgeous. I’m going to have to remember that combo for next year.


  5. gorgeous photos! Our weather has been unusually hot and sunny. Looking forward to some cooler temps next week. We are headed to the midwest in 10 days and I was surprised to hear it’s cooler there than usual. I hope it stays that way as I’m not a big fan of humidity.


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