34 years: the good, the bad and the 90s

July 26th is Entrepreneur and my 35th wedding anniversary. And some said it wouldn’t last. In fact, the minister that married us confided in Entrepreneur’s mom he didn’t think we’d make it….being from vastly different backgrounds (city vs country). Guess we probably proved him wrong. 😀

Boy, did we ever look young back in the late 70s/early 80s. Oh…wait…we were.
Perry and Lisa 1980-72

And we didn’t look that much older at our wedding in July, 1980. Had not a clue about this thing called marriage. Or how hard it really was.
Lisa_Perry weddingcloseup

Hmmm, not much appearance progression in 1986 at one of Entrepreneur’s sales incentive trips to St. Thomas, USVI. We had a one-year-old back at home with Grandma. We for sure didn’t have all the answers…heck, we didn’t even know the questions to ask most of the time! But we were figuring it out.
Perry & Lisa-St. Thomas 1986-72

Well, what can I say….the 90s hit, my hair got significantly shorter and what’s up with those oversized glasses? And that sweater? And isn’t that hairstyle to die for? Jeeeesh. But by 1991 we had two adorable daughters and life was presenting an entirely new set of challenges. We were parents and, while we still had fun, our lifestyle definitely reflected that change.
Perry Lisa and girls 1991-72

Not many pics of the two of us together through the rest of the 90s or the early millennium. Life got a lot harder raising two independent girls with a husband that traveled. Truth be told, the 90s wasn’t a good era for me for a number of reasons.

We hit the 25-year milestone in 2005 with a surprise party thrown by our daughters, complete with renewing of our vows….which was good since we probably needed a reminder by this time.
P&L 25th anniv 2005

Skip to 2010. We’re visiting The Floridian for the first time since her big move after graduating from college. We’re definitely older and more than a little wiser at this point.
P&L 2010

It’s 2014 and here we are, once again, with two daughters…..granddaughters! So I guess one could say we’ve come full circle.
P&L Easter 2014

But don’t assume the road has been an easy one. Noooo, it has been filled with potholes…deep ones that threatened to knock the alignment out of the marriage carriage more than once. We’ve weathered many a storm in the past 34 years, but have still managed to keep going in the same direction.

So, the city girl became more than a little countryfied and the country boy became more than a little citified. The years have been a mixture of give and take…following the 70/30 rule; give 70% and expect 30%. Because when you switch this formula….it’s a disaster.

And, by the grace of God, we’ve successfully beaten the odds….for another year! 🙂

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10 thoughts on “34 years: the good, the bad and the 90s

  1. Oh Lisa, what a beautiful testament of LOVE and staying committed to one another.

    You and Entrepreneur are an inspiration to us all!

    I love all the photographs you shared, but my favorite one is the last. The two of you are just glowing!

    Congratulations and Happy Anniversary!


  2. Happy Anniversary, Lisa! What a lovely photo journey through your years together with Entrepreneur. My husband and I don’t have many with the two of us, since one of us is usually holding the camera. I think it is wonderful that you renewed your vows along the way. We haven’t done that, but I can appreciate the meaning of those vows much better than when we first made them. I never heard the 70-30 rule. It’s a good one 🙂


  3. Love the photos, and enjoyed the story. Yes, this thing called marriage, there are potholes that go along with the blessings of a long marriage. Congratulations and best wishes for many more happy years together. 🙂


  4. Ahhh Happy Anniversary… such a milestone. It is always so refreshing to see a couple who stuck it out. The Thinker and I have been through some tough times as well, and I always tell people it is much better to fight it out than to give it up. (If you are both willing to fight and work on yourself and the marriage ;-D)


  5. First and foremost, a very Happy Anniversary to you both. What a beautiful couple you are!!

    I actually stopped by here because I hadn’t “seen” you in a while. Now I know why. I am still not getting notified by Bloglovin’ or by email. 😦

    I am sorry that I’ve missed you here. I hope you are having a wonderful summer. xo.


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