My home office-of sorts

I’ve read posts from some bloggers who share what their home offices look like. Tranquil areas where morning coffee or tea can be enjoyed while writing and ideating away the hours in blissful productivity. Deadlines and expectations seem like they’d be more tolerable in this type of environment.

Theirs is an office I can only dream about owning. Many of them look like something out of Martha Stewart magazine. Stylish, organized….clean.
home office idea


Now, I’ll show you my office. Keep in mind, I share this office with five-year-old Peanut. Brace yourself. Martha would be appalled.

To my right is the activity area for Twix. On a good day I can get somewhere between 10-15 minutes of uninterrupted work while she is wiggling herself off the mat.
home office 3

To my left is the architectural area. I believe Peanut is working on a racetrack design among other projects ideas.
home office 1

Directly behind  me is the 3-dimentional art area where Peanut keeps her crayons, pencils, and various found objects….just waiting for inspiration.
home office 2

UNDER my desk is another area that usually contains notebooks, crayons, pencils, glue and scissors…and my feet.
home office 5

Directly to the left ON my desk is usually the results of Peanut’s ideating.
home office 9

Here is my *work station*…in all its glory. Thankfully 99% of what I do is done and stored on the computer. Not going to lie, there are days when I get paralysis by analysis just looking at the mess. Just for the record, I do clean, organize and straighten from time to time and it looks great….for about an hour.
home office 7

And here is a wonderful accessory everyone working from home with a baby needs to have….sleeping baby not included.
home office 8

This is the view out my window. It’s the closest thing I have to a tranquil, inspiring scene while working in the office.
home office 6

But here is the break room! Contrary to how it looks, Tanner and Dixie are not in Peanut’s face for food. She is blowing bubbles at them.
home office panoramic

So there you have it…a peek into my world of working from home. Maybe some day I’ll have a *proper* home office. But for the foreseeable future, we’ll make do with what we have…or have not.

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9 thoughts on “My home office-of sorts

  1. “Many of them look like some­thing out of Martha Stewart mag­a­zine. Stylish, organized….clean.”

    HA! Exactly, Lisa. And I will often see photographs in design magazines of home offices and think, “Are these for REAL, because no one’s office or desk area looks like that.” They’re too perfect.

    I much prefer what yours looks like, real and lived in.

    “And here is a won­derful acces­sory everyone working from home with a baby needs to have.”

    That is such a cool device.

    Thanks for sharing a peek into your world of working from home!


  2. Oh, this is so dang sweet, Lisa. Reminds me of the time while I was helping raise my niece when my sister passed away. I look back and don’t know how we did it, but somehow we managed.

    And honestly, Lisa, both of your worlds look quite satisfied; not sanitized…

    Hope you and Peanut are having a wonderful day!

    p.s. Thank you for stopping by yesterday, Lisa. Petra :))


  3. I have seen those offices on Property Brothers and other home renovation shows. My home office? When the papers and related litter on my desk gets too deep, I clean it up, vow to file as I go – which, of course I do not. Yours looks like an office filled with love.


  4. Oh yes I am sure you are an expert in multi-tasking. Give you 15 minutes alone and look at the productivity.

    Love the bubble blowing with the dogs. That looks like fun.


  5. I think it’s great, Lisa, and it’s less cluttered than mine is at the moment. Those two little blessings of yours put the perfect back in the imperfect office!


  6. Four years ago, my office overlooked the Delaware River and the Ben Franklin Bridge, with a view of Center City Philadelphia. It is by far my favorite place I ever placed a desk.

    Since my office is in the upstairs loft, there aren’t any children’s toys or projects scattered about. They are hiding in corners on the first floor, to be pulled out when the boys are here. All the clutter in my office is of my own making. It is an organized mess.

    I don’t know how you spend every day caring for two little ones. It would exhaust me. Such a cute photo of Peanut with the dogs.


  7. Your office decor makes me smile. Nothing so wonderful as baby things around… And I work from a home office that is a bit overrun (and not tranquil, not designer)… but oooooo, that top image you showed is gorgeous).


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