…and then it was over

August 5th. The date of  my last post. Where did the time go?

Where did summer go?

We all waited patiently for the dog days of summer but they didn’t materialize until this week.

This week….when everyone’s thoughts now turn to a new school year. It’s now that we get the heat index in the triple digits and no rain. Now, when the pools are closed and back-to-school routines are a priority. Perfect.

peanut summer72

Summer was a whirlwind working from home while taking care of Peanut and Twix. We didn’t get nearly as much done as we intended…on any front.

Today, we ushered Peanut off to her first day of Kindergarten! The Investigator, Twix and I escorted her to *big school*. Peanut’s days leading up to today were filled with hesitation and a more than a little anxiety. But as she walked into the classroom, there were no tears, no clinging and no hesitation. Mama hugged and kissed her firstborn, and we quietly made our exit as she settled in to begin this new chapter in her life.

Peanut kindergarten

And, as I sit here in the office while Twix naps, the house is eerily quiet.

And I’m hoping now that I hopefully have some extra time, my muse will return…along with the motivation to start straightening up and re-organizing everything. You know, it’s hard to keep a house straightened up and organized when a five year old is actively deconstructing it right behind you!

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16 thoughts on “…and then it was over

  1. That is a great first day of school photo! My blogging has been hit and miss all summer. I keep thinking that when the fall weather appears, maybe I’ll get back into a routine.


  2. What happened to school starting after Labor Day? It will be nice for you to have that quiet time, to follow your muse more often. All of us will appreciate that!


  3. Oh, I love the first day of school photos! So sweet. Yes, we started school last week and are sweltering this week. Dog days, indeed. Just this morning as I started making the rounds on FF, I thought to myself, ‘we haven’t seen Lisa in a while’. Welcome back!


  4. Lisa, I so agree…..where did the summer go?!? I can’t believe August is almost over! And I’m a bit sad because I’ve really enjoyed this summer because the weather has been gorgeous – no high heat or humidity.

    LOVE the photo Peanut. It’s faaaaaabulous!

    Have a super weekend, my friend!


  5. What a wonderful idea! I too took a hiatus from photos this summer, but am back at it now.

    Some of the pools here stay open through Labor Day and one of our pools we convinces them to stay open on Sundays through September. Ito’s hot enough here they could stay open until October.


  6. I’m loving that first day of school photo… what a big, girl no tears. Seems like just yesterday I walked my girl into Kindergarten and now she is a junior. One more year, that’s all :0


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