August Photo Challenge: Colorful

Where does the time go?! Seems like it was just last week when PJ’s August photo challenge was posted. Now, on Sept. 1st, I’m a day late and more than a dollar short.

But here we are at the end of summer. August was a very colorful month, for sure.

peanut pool
The pool is always good for a colorful photo opp. Peanut, Twix and I spent time there when the weather was warm enough!

twix chair
Twix is sitting very well. She has a very colorful chair that helps support her upright.

peanut state fair
The sights and sounds of the state fair are always colorful in more ways than one can count! Corn dog in one hand and cotton candy in the other, Peanut is very stylish in her PINK cowgirl hat!

garden spider
Found this colorful beauty hanging around in the garden. She’s harmless to humans, but looks very imposing, doesn’t she?!

school supplies
And finally, look at all the colorful school supplies…complete with a Disney Princess LIGHT-UP lunchbox!

Not much commentary this month. It flew by and is still flying! Hope you all can find you way over to PJ’s to check out other colorful, August pics.

Happy Labor Day!

9 thoughts on “August Photo Challenge: Colorful

  1. That school supply photo with Peanut brings back so
    many memories of the days when my boys wanted Thomas the Tank Engine or Hotwheets lunchboxes. Now they just want unobtrusive grey or black. Is avoidance of all things colourful a phase all teens go through?

    Pure happiness is evident in everyone of these photos. Thanks for sharing the joy.


  2. These are all such happy pictures… all the smiles and color!!! The writing spider made me laugh out loud. My son who is 21 called me freaking out because a writing spider had gotten in to our house and had made a HUGE web that went completely across the bathroom. I had to SAVE him by getting the spider out of the house. This is the boy who can shoot and gut a deer… but the spider? Freaked him out ha ha ha!


  3. Lisa, I love these colorful photos because they contain one of my favorite colors…PINK!

    Also, the shot of the spider is incredible! Great capture. Brava!

    Hope you had a super Labor Day weekend!


  4. As always, a great series of photos — and colorful. It’s kind of funny how colorful school supplies can be. And the corndog and cotton candy… now there’s a way to be!


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