A collage for August

August 2014 collage texture
texture by Kim Klassen; Follow, 100% Soft Light

Well, August is on the books now as we reminisce about summer. The month was full of highs and lows at our casa. With the cooler temps, we didn’t get to the pool as much as we’d like to have. We did spend a lot of time outside on the patio, but those dog days of summer never really materialized.

The gardens have never looked so good in August as they did this year. And the birds and other wildlife seemed more active as well. We’ve planted some more sweet corn and the okra has decided it’s now hot enough to grow. Peppers and tomatoes are hanging on although the tomatoes are looking a bit worn out.

Twix turned 6 months old and has graduated to a full menu of food items….pureed of course. And she luuuvs her food! She’s rolling and sitting unassisted, and will actually play with toys in the floor. A major accomplishment that allows the *nanny* to work a bit more than last month. She grabs at ev.ery.thing and we have to be very careful what we’re doing when she’s on our laps. She still is not a fan of riding in the car….something about being totally restrained just doesn’t set well with her free spirit!

There was quite a bit of anxiety and hesitation with the coming of the first day of kindergarten. Peanut and I still talk about some of those fears as she is going to sleep at night. She is still adjusting as they all have to memorize their 6-digit school number in order to buy lunch, log on to computers and check out books from the library. (Of course, everyone is very patient with the kindergarteners.) But, if you don’t know your number, you miss free time and have to work with the teacher on memorizing it. She’s terrified she’ll miss free time…even though she knows her number fairly well already.

And then there are friend issues. Her pre-K buddies are all scattered across the district to different schools and she misses them. She really doesn’t take separation from those she loves very well. In her soon-to-be-six-year-old mind, she’ll never see any of them again and will never make another new friend…ever. Of course, last Friday when she got off the bus, she told me she had a new friend, but couldn’t remember her name.

Now, I’ll turn my attention towards Autumn…right after I freeze some more okra, make more baby food, clean up Peanut’s *treasures* scattered around the house (an endless job it seems), follow up on some work emails and calls and make sure Twix is happy and healthy…not necessarily in that order.   🙂

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7 thoughts on “A collage for August

  1. “Logging on to com­puters in kinder­garten. Amazing…”

    D. A. Wolf took the words right out of my mouth. Truly amazing!

    Lovely August recap, Lisa. And as always, your collage is beautiful.

    I’m looking forward to Autumn as well 🙂


  2. The 6-digit number makes me feel sad for Peanut.
    I am glad that she seems to be adjusting well to school.
    Love this collage, but my friend, how do you do it all????
    Be sure to take care of you too! xo.


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