Mystery subscription

It comes every week….and it’s like a train wreck.

You simply are compelled look.

US cover

The magazine, US Weekly, arrives addressed to someone in our home…although there is extremely vocal denial that any such subscription was placed. To our knowledge, we’re receiving this magazine free of charge as no one claims to be paying for it.

But it comes anyway…every week.

Each week we get to peek into the world of the rich and famous and find out:

US Who wore it bestWho Wore It Best
A hundred random people wandering around New York City’s Rockefeller Square are asked to weigh in on which celebrity wore an outfit the best. Profiling aside, perhaps Rockefeller Square isn’t the best gauge….maybe they should poll people in, let’s say, Nashville, Kansas City, Seattle, Cincinnati Atlanta, Denver or Austin. Most of the time, I choose None of the Above. What? That’s not one of the choices? That’s a shame.

US just like usStars: They’re Just Like Us
Yeah, right. In a strange attempt to make it appear celebrities are just normal, everyday down-to-earth folks, they snap photos of them doing very mundane things…like cleaning the windshield of their car, hauling groceries, shopping in outdoor markets, shooting water guns. I’m sure some of these are actual activities, but I’m wondering how many are staged for the cameras.

US MileyAnd then there’s the outrageous. And who is better at delivering Shock and Awe these days than Miley Cyrus? it used to be Brittany Spears, but I believe she has toned it down a lot, while Ms. Cyrus seems to be going all out for maximum exposure (pun intended). Seriously, was her decent and respectable reputation all that terrible? She’s quite the role model for young women now, isn’t she? I wonder if she cleans her own car windshield and carries her own groceries too…just like us…except with more clothing on our bodies.

But I must admit, I’m oddly fascinated by this magazine. Inside the pages are tidbits of gossip about celebrities I’ve never heard of…nor care to. I’m up to date on all the latest Hollywood baby bump news and know exactly what is inside the purse of some random actress. In the coming issues, I’ll be treated to a month-by-month summary of the status of Princess Kate and Prince William’s latest royal pregnancy, and will discover who is dating/dumping/re-dating who. I can get the latest sneak peaks at upcoming TV shows and movies; PLUS discover a celebrity’s recipe…who I’m sure cooks for him/herself. However, I found the article on Joan Rivers in the most recent edition very well done, and I enjoyed reading it.

So, for the foreseeable future…or until the publishing company discovers we’re not paying for it…this jewel of information will land in our mailbox each week, keeping us well informed on the important news of Hollyweird.



6 thoughts on “Mystery subscription

  1. I simply can’t read most of that stuff. It doesn’t stick to my brain who’s married to whom, who has a baby bump (a term I hate), the name of any celebrity’s child.

    Occasionally I see it in the DDS office (shudder).


  2. A few months ago W Magazine started appearing in my mailbox, a huge magazine about the top fashions. So very far from my lifestyle! A little later Bon Appetite showed up. At least this one has some interesting recipes! Investigation advised that both are gift subscriptions thanking me for purchases from Yours contains much juicier reading.


  3. My mother also started getting some type of celebrity gossip trash mag recently that she didn’t subscribe to. I also started getting a mag I didn’t subscribe to but it’s about healthy eating and family fun activities for young families.


  4. I have always enjoyed stuff about Hollywood and famous people just because it’s so different from my own life. How fun to get it for (Free) my daughter has been getting Bon Appetite magazine in the same way. She didn’t order it but it comes anyway.


  5. “this jewel of infor­ma­tion will land in our mailbox each week, keeping us well informed on the impor­tant news of Hollyweird.”


    And it’s so funny you mentioned these types of magazines because about two days ago I was in the grocery store waiting in line at the checkout, when I started reading the covers. In fact, the guy standing behind me was doing the same thing. He said, “Do you think they could possibly pick more worse photos of these celebrities?” The two of us laughed.

    I don’t read these magazines much, but when it I do, it’s US.

    GREAT post, my friend!


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