Time to pull the trigger?

So, back in May I was having a major blog issues with my hosting company. And I began thinking it might be a good idea to pack up and move back to WordPress.com. With the exception of my blog continually not showing up in a some feeds, for the most part the issues have been resolved…but, my mind keeps returning to the idea of ditching the self-hosting platform.

There will be definite concessions if I return to my roots over at WordPress.com. I will give up significant control over how my blog looks and some of the frustration creativity that goes along with fighting adjusting the coding. The truth is that I simply don’t have time to tinker with all these fun nuances anymore. My time is at a premium these days and I need to offload a few things.

But those issues aside, I find I’m leaning towards simplifying. Do I really need to have a header that rotates photos? Probably not. Is it essential to have the ability to change every little minute detail? Not really. Does my budget allow for the annual self-hosting expense? At the moment it does, but who knows what the future brings?

I’m also soooooooo tired of continually having to empty the spam folder. Seriously, I can amass 2,000+ spam comments in the span of just a couple of days! Askimet is a wonderful plugin, but it doesn’t automatically empty the folder. Or, if it can, I haven’t been smart enough to figure it out.

I think the biggest factor is the question of what happens to the blog if something happens to me? I began this on WordPress.com in May of 2009 as an experiment to see if I could actually set up a blog and come up with topics that might actually be of interest for others to read. It was part of my attempt to walk the walk when it came to teaching Internet social media interaction for my adjunct class, Strategic Campaigns. It’s morphed into more of a journalistic record that I would dearly love to endure after I’m gone…for my grandchildren to be able to read my thoughts and impressions of life while they were so much a part of mine.

And there’s no guarantee that, once I’m gone, anyone would be interested in keep up with the self-hosting expense of maintaining this site. If I remove that hurdle, the only thing needed would be for someone to remember the username and password to get into the backside.

So I suppose I’ve talked myself into getting the moving boxes ready and downsizing a bit in the near future. For now, I’ll continue maintaining two sites…periodically exporting posts and comments from here and importing them over at peripheralperceptions.wordpress.com until the end of the month. My time table is to be completely moved and settled in my new casa by October 1st. Until then, please continue to visit me here as I will be exporting all your wonderful comments so I don’t lose track of anyone. When everything is arranged the way I want, and finally pull the trigger, I’ll announce it here and hope you all see it before this site disappears.

I hope you all will continue to stop by and visit once I relocate. The friendships I’ve made in the blogosphere have been such a wonderful, unexpected blessing. I thank those of you who have been around for the past few years, as well as the new friends I’ve made in just the past few months. Your comments all are so very appreciated.

10 thoughts on “Time to pull the trigger?

  1. I made this move a few years ago and have never looked back. I had my own website because husband liked to tinker and he maintained it, but I questioned the expense and finally jumped into WordPress. I had been using their software anyway, so it was an easy change for me. And a shorter URL.


  2. I’ve been considering leaving WordPress for a more user friendly like weebly.com where you can actually blog and sell your items at no cost or wix has a fun site. I have a Blogger (my writing, which I’ve ignored lately) and a WordPress plus I do have a weebly site. I gave up having a domain at Blogger and WordPress. I do like WordPress though because it does seem to connect followers better than Blogger. I like to use the html that I’ve learned over these many years, but not really a big issue for me, I guess. I had a blog many years ago at geocities that I thought would endure, but they closed and I now see my posts floating around in space at a site even though I deleted everything before hand when they were closing. Apparently, someone felt the need to take all that and put it out there before people could delete their posts and I can no longer touch or delete my work. Frustrating. I also was part of a writing community that closed. I did take all my postings off it also, and so far have not seen any of that floating around. I keep a hard copy of my postings on my disks in case my daughter might want to have them, but not really trusting these sites that much anymore to not just one day say, we’re gone.
    Anyway, long way of saying, I understand and will keep following not matter which site you’re on. 🙂


  3. I do understand. I have had issues with Blogger and have thought of going to WordPress myself which was where I started. I switched because I could not participate in any memes.

    The one thing I don’t like about WordPress now is that people have to have an account in order to comment and some people might not want to make an count just so they can comment. This is why my blog now is not on Google+-people that aren’t on there can’t comment.


  4. You know I’m a bit obsessive (understatement?), but I totally get it. And having been around since the sane timeframe as you, I’ve also seen the circumstances of ‘life’ nudging me to simplify. Time is always the biggest factor, at least for me…

    As for you, we’ll f


  5. Lisa, whether you stay here or relocate, I will definitely still be following your blog. Just let us know when/if you make the change so I can put you on my reader.

    One thing, I’m still not receiving your post updates on my feed reader or receiving them via email (which I did sign up for). However, I do click over on your blog every couple of days to check if you’ve updated 🙂


  6. Welcome to your new casa, Lisa! It looks AWESOME! And guess what? Everything worked out great with adding your feed to my reader, so now I’ll be receiving your updates. Yaaaaaaaay 🙂

    Have a super Sunday, my friend!


  7. I find my time is at a premium as well and we all have to cut back where we can. Me, I’ve cut back on the visiting of blogs because I have to do all my blogging after the 11:00 hour! I’m glad you notified me of the change of address. I think you have a lovely remembrance to pass on to your children. I’m going to add your address to my feedly account and for now I’ll scroll through some of your past posts–but not leave any comments 🙂


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