Friday Finds the First Signs of Fall

grassesTexture by Kim Klassen; Monday, 100% soft light

You were given life; it is your duty (and entitlement as a human being)
to find something beautiful within life, not matter how slight.
~Elizabeth Gilbert

The daytime temps are now in the 60F range and nights are dipping into the upper 40sF. Autumn is here and the prelude before the big show is beginning. Let’e take a stroll and see some of the things I found this week.

The fountain grass is in full bloom now. I love the way it sways in the 20mph winds we’ve had lately. Wind and rain doesn’t seem to bother grasses. They seem to just wave, laugh and mockingly say, bring it on!

fountain grass

Found this little guy last weekend. Peanut actually found him on the frame of the back screen door, and we rescued him to a flower pot (before the door smashed him), where he immediately took off down the patio stair railing. We discovered “walking stick” insects are very capable of running. I hadn’t seen one of these in a few years and am happy to see their return. I have no idea if they bite but, thankfully, this one didn’t leave any marks on my hand.

walking stick

Waiting at the bus stop corner in the afternoons for Peanut gives me an opportunity to look around. Or, in this case, look down at what’s under my feet. Sedums are in full bloom now and unless you are looking closely, you can miss their tiny flowers.


Also at the bus stop are some black-eyed susan flowers still showing off their colors.

black eyed susan

When not napping, Twix accompanies me to wait for Peanut. She is fascinated by the fountain grass. I wonder if it counts as fiber if she eats some of it? You know, sort of like wheat? Well, it sort of looks like wheat.


My yellow mums looked spectacular when I bought them. Sadly, now they are beginning to fade. And the blossoms are actively being plucked by a Peanut for behind the ear accessorizing.

yelo mum

The burning bushes are ablaze in their red coats…not to be confused with the lovely red coats of the poison ivy, which also hides in the yard waiting for me to make a mistake.

burning bush

So there’s my prelude to the big event. As soon as the trees are in full regalia, Twix and I hope to get out to a local park and capture some Autumn Splendor. Hope you all have an awesome Autumn weekend.

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13 thoughts on “Friday Finds the First Signs of Fall

  1. Autumn – she who wears her coat of many colors – is worth exploring and enjoying. I love the grasses and the colorful ivies (as long as they’re not poison) and the burning bush and . . . .


  2. Lovely! We recently came across a praying mantis on a hike and then again at home. Two of my friends have seen them as well. Don’t know if they’re more abundant now or just coincidence we’ve mentioned them.


  3. Seriously, are walking sticks cool or what??? Love those things!

    It looks like you are having a beautiful autumn, Lisa. We had some really gorgeous color this year, but most of the leaves have fallen at this point. Still the weather has been very mild, and given the length of our winters, I’ll take that.

    Little Twix is just precious, and I cannot believe how quickly she is growing.

    Have a wonderful weekend, sweet friend. xo.


  4. Lisa, as you already know…I am goo-goo gaga for Autumn, so it was a delight to take this stroll with you!

    Beeeeeeautiful captures! And it’s ironic you post the praying mantis because one of my other blogging friends posted a photograph of one she found on her screen widow last week. They seem to be everywhere suddenly.

    Love the photo of Twix and the fountain grass. Don’t you just adore watching life through the eyes of a child?

    Have a spectacular Autumn weekend, my friend!

    P.S. I also love the quote from Elizabeth Gilbert.


  5. I shouldn’t be here, reading and commenting: I should be outside [ in the rain] digging and planting.
    Only just discovered grasses that don’t want mowing.
    Bought two wheelbarrows full of ornamental grasses yesterday, and am in awe of the task ahead. just gathering strength with a cup of tea.
    looks like your grasses are well established. Love the little girl discovering them too.


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