Walktober and the Main Event

This past week, Peanut, Twix and I went on a walkabout to a local park to see the Autumn Splendor….and to play on the playground. After bribing blackmailing coercing requesting we take just a few photos of the trees, Peanut reluctantly agreed to humor me. You don’t even want to know the lengths it took to get her to agree to let me snap a few photos of her with her sister.

But snap I did. Oh my…….luv.


It’s  not New England, but our town did merit a mention in an article on architectureanddesign.net. about the Top 27 Exquisite Places Around The World To See Brilliant Fall Colors…granted, it was towards the end of the list, but who’s complaining!

I didn’t add any textures to these….didn’t think they really needed any enhancements over what Mom Nature already provided! I will probably play with them a little down the road…because that’s how I roll.

This Grandaddy Maple tree stands very stately. There are a lot of Grandaddy Maples in this park. Middle Missouri has had about 9 inches of rain this month. Can you believe how green the grass still looks?!

Autumn '14 3

It wasn’t easy getting my entourage ready, in the car, up to the park, out of the car and Twix into the stroller. But the trees won’t wait until it’s convenient. Most years I have to make time to purposely go, camera in hand, to try and capture the changing season. A few days can make all the difference in catching or missing peak color.

I love this shot.

Autumn '14 2

This year I discovered it’s not at all easy to shoot really creative shots while corralling a whiney six year old and keeping an 8 month old happy in the stroller. So most of these shots are quick snaps without much thought to positioning or the best lighting. [Sigh], maybe next year….yeah, next year I’ll have a toddler in tow…that will be soooo better! Or not.

Autumn '14 1

Saved the best for last. Usually by Halloween, the trees have most of their leaves ripped off by the late Autumn winds. In a couple of weeks this color will be just a memory.

Autumn '14 4

But for now, it lives gloriously for us to enjoy!

Autumn '14 5


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8 thoughts on “Walktober and the Main Event

  1. Absolutely gorgeous! I suspect your trying to take pictures was a lot like when I have the two furry girls on leashes – a challenge – but your results are fantastic.


  2. “I didn’t add any textures to these….didn’t think they really needed any enhancements over what Mom Nature already provided!”

    Lisa, you’re right, they’re gorgeous just as is! But I’m like you, I will very often go back play around with photographs that I took later.

    The color you captured in these images is magnificent! Don’t you just love autumn?

    And I’m a bit envious because we haven’t had that much change in color so far here. Hopefully, November will bring more.

    And congrats on having your town mentioned in the article! I went over to site and looked at all the photographs. OMG…they’re stunning!

    Have a fabulous fall weekend, my friend!


  3. These are wonderful, Lisa!
    I am glad that you were able t photograph some of the beautiful autumn color.

    I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend, and I wish you a beautiful week ahead, dear friend. xo.


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