October Photo Challenge: My choice

photo blog challenge

PJ over at A ‘lil hoohaa gave us a lot of leeway with October’s photo blogging challenge (PBC) topic…Photographer’s Choice. Might have been a cop out, but I’m sure it will return very interesting results!

So, I’ve decided to go with the Five Senses of Fall (Autumn). You all know the five senses, right? Sight, Sound, Smell, Taste and Touch. Here we go……..

1. Sights of Autumn. Most everywhere in the northern hemisphere there are colorful eye-candy sightings of Autumn. Peanut, Twix and I spent a few hours at a local park where I enjoyed the beautiful sights of Autumn. And the leaves were pretty too! 🙂
Peanut & Twix
Autumn '14 4

2. Sounds of Autumn. Who can deny the rustling of leaves is definitely a sound of Fall? One of the warmer Indian summer afternoons, Peanut raked and raked leaves into a pile just so she could run and jump into them. Rake. Jump. Repeat. This is a looonnggg photo, so just keep scrolling.
Autumn jump

3. Smells of Autumn. Fresh-baked bread and pies. Cinnamon and cloves. Apple cider. Add to those wonderful aromas a fire in the fire pit on a chilly October evening. You may think this would be better suited for Sounds of Autumn with the crackling fire, but we burn fallen/trimmed cedar branches that have a wonderful cedar-smokey aroma. Couple that with the aroma of a nice red wine, and life seems rather grand. Apple pie optional.
fire pit 1

4. Tastes of Autumn. Closely aligned with Smells of Autumn, cider, bread and pie rank right up at the top for Tastes of Autumn. But we all know that Autumn is soup season! We luuuvvvv soup at our house. Stroganoff stew, chicken corn chowder, beef and barley w/veggies, chili, gumbo. You name it…we’ve probably had it.

5. Touch/Feel of Autumn. Cozy sweaters; soft blankets; bumpy gourds and pumpkins; the nippy chill in the air while the sun warms your face. Autumn feels homey and comforting.

Fall: bright flame before winter’s deadness; harvest; orange, gold, amber; cool nights and the smell of fire. Our tree-lined streets are set ablaze, our kitchens filled with the smells of nostalgia: apples bubbling into sauce, roasting squash, cinnamon, nutmeg, cider, warmth itself. The leaves as they spark into wild color just before they die are the world’s oldest performance art, and everything we see is celebrating one last violently hued hurrah before the black and white and silence of winter. Fall is begging for us to dance and sing and write with just the same drama and blaze.
~Shauna Niequist, Bittersweet: Thoughts on Change, Grace, and Learning the Hard Way

I loved autumn, the one season of the year that God seemed to have put there just for the beauty of it.
~Lee Maynard

So there are my five for October. Please make time to visit PJ’s site to see what others chose to do this month.

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13 thoughts on “October Photo Challenge: My choice

  1. Okay, those kids are the cutest. Having said that the picture of those red-leaved trees reflected in the lake is amazing. The water is perfectly still. But my favourite has the be that amazing gourd.. Nice collection to represent fall.


  2. Delightful senses your five are! Oh to be a kid again, to roll in the leaves in that bright flame that is fall. Or to be young enough to jump into a pile of leaves without the fear of breaking something.


  3. Lisa, I smiled at each one of these photographs because they truly depict this wonderful season and all our senses!

    Love the shot of Peanut running through the leaves….Wheeeeeeeeeeee! And that’s something I love to do, even as an adult 🙂

    And that photograph of the trees reflected on the lake is magnificent!

    Delicious image of the food. I could smell that chicken noodle soup. YUM-MY!

    Really great selections for this theme. Well done, my friend!


  4. You know what? I totally fight Autumn… I am such a summer beach kind of person… but your pictures kind of sent me in to Fall in a good way because they reminded me of all the beauty of it. There is nothing like a crisp cool sunny Fall day!

    What beautiful little girls… I miss that age! All of your pictures are so pretty. I think the water/trees is my favorite. The reflection is stunning!


  5. Your soup and biscuit shot is so well done the food looks like you can just reach in and grab it. Made my mouth water just looking at it.


  6. No, no, no … not a cop out! Was hoping it would be a recruitment tool! Alas, it didn’t work. So back to the toughies! Little ones do make for some great photos though, that’s for sure. And I love the reflection. Great work all around this month!


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