October collage

October 2014 collage72

Fall has always been my favorite season.
The time when everything bursts with its last beauty,
as if nature had been saving up all year for the grand finale.
~Lauren DeStefano

And a grand finale it was. Twix turned 8 months old the first of the month and it was a month of first for her as well. She’s figuring out how to crawl and nothing escapes her attention…or her grasp. The cats are more than a little concerned and give her a wide berth. The  months are flying by. Twix is growing like a weed and seems to be changing hourly. She’s no longer that little sack of sand that just lays there. Her personality is emerging and she loves to interact with familiar people. There’s a little stranger anxiety  showing up but as long as Mama, Peanut, Papa or I am nearby, she seems to be okay with people she doesn’t know well.

Teeth! Twix has two teeth! See them on the bottom?! Seems like we’ve been suffering through teething for months.

two teeth

Peanut continues to be a pocket rocket and her six-year-old, independent attitude is on display all the time. Kindergarten is in full swing and she has a love/hate relationship with it. Hates to get up and get moving in the morning; loves to see her friends once she’s there. I believe she is a little bored with the classroom academics at this level, so we may need to start challenging her more at home. She asked the other day, how do I do an eye roll? Um. No. You don’t.

peanut attitude

How can it be Thursday already? How can it be November already? The entire clan is descending invading coming to our house for Thanksgiving. And it’s only a month and a half until Christmas?! Yikes! Guess I better start planning that turkey day menu and gift shopping soon.

What’s on the schedule at your house for the holidays?

9 thoughts on “October collage

  1. Love your collage for October pictures, and the littlekins continue to be adorable. Last year was the first year we ventured out to eat at what I thought was a restaurant for Thanksgiving (I’ve done the dinners for family since I was about 28 ~ so that’s approx. umpteen years now, like 40 *smiles*), and I had decided no more. The hubby and the kids went along with the idea. However, we didn’t get to be in the restaurant but rather in a hall jam packed seating and it was buffet so getting to the food was bump and jiggle all the way. So, this year, I’m cooking again. It will be small though, not the large crowds anymore as one son lives in CA, the others sometimes go to the in-laws so we’ll see. But hubby and I will enjoy our own Thanksgiving spread, and the kids will either show up or come for dessert. I’m with you though, where did the Fall go, and now it’s planning time already. 🙂


  2. Lisa, your collage (as usual) is AWESOME! Love the lady bug on the leaf!

    And OMG…that photo of Twix’s two teeth is adorable!

    I know, can you believe that it’s already November and that Christmas is just around the corner? Time is FLYING. I usually get together with a close friend who also lives in city, and we go out for a Thanksgiving Day dinner at our favorite diner. We pay only $9.95 for an entire meal – soup to nuts. The next day is very busy for me (Black Friday) so I usually try to get to bed early because I have to be in work VERY early.


  3. Well, first of all, I love your new ‘look’! Very clean and attractive. Oh, the grandkins! They do grow too quickly, don’t they? But I find nothing in life more fun than watching a new personality emerge from a little one. The next year and a half will be so much fun with Twix. And Peanut is also at an exciting time. We were fortunate that our granddaughter’s kindergarten teacher recognized her need for ‘more’ academics and accommodated that need. They are real soul mates. It’s just too bad we can’t pick a teacher like that for them every year!


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