Hello sweet November

seedhead puff72Texture by Kim Klassen: Friday, 100% multiply with selective masking

Silent beauty in multi-hues but ominous in a sense;
for though today be delightful, darkness soon gains precedence.
~Ray, Psychology of Seasons

I’ve been caught up this week with reading posts about November….the transition month between knock-’em-dead October color and the sparkle of the December holidays. It seems like, aside from the stuff-yourself-into-a-food-coma Thanksgiving weekend, November tends to become just a speed bump on the road to the gift-giving season. But it doesn’t need to be that way. True, November doesn’t have the glitz and glamour of some of the other seasons, but it does have an earthy beauty all its own. And, perhaps in many ways, that mirrors our lives as well.

pine needles

As the year ages, it seems to become more introspective. Gone are the narcissistic seasons of spring, summer and autumn with their look at me; see how fantastic I am attitudes. After the leaves fall, the season’s beauty shifts to the more overlooked aspects of nature. We notice more of what’s underneath those gorgeous blooms and awesome foliage colors.

redbud fringe

Likewise, as we age, we become more focused on reflection and assessment of the framework of our lives. With much of life’s superficial splendor gone, priorities begin shift. Just as November drives us inside to be more focused around hearth and home, priorities in the November mentality begin to focus inward as well. We begin to notice the small details in life that might have been overlooked in earlier years. We focus less on what others should be doing for us and more on what we can do for others. I suppose maturity plays into this mindset….it’s less about “me” and more about “we.” We quietly take stock of our lives, how we’ve lived and how we’ve responded to others.


For the most part, November is quiet and still. Days are colder and shorter. With less time to accomplish tasks, we prioritize what needs to be done…both in the physical world as well as in our hearts and minds. I hope you all take time and notice everything about November…enjoying it’s unique beauty and reflection.

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8 thoughts on “Hello sweet November

  1. The gray days of November make happy to stay inside and just putter around. When the sun shines, I flee to the outside as often as I can. I hope I’m growing wiser as the years go on, although sometimes I wonder. I’m certainly on a more even plateau.


  2. I was enjoying the quiet beauty of November but then God decided we needed snow and yes, I am complaining (I know I shouldn’t) but it’s hard for me to find beauty in being so cold and having to drive in that stuff. I will try harder.


  3. So beautifully expressed, Lisa!

    ” priorities in the November mentality begin to focus inward as well”

    Yes, at that’s why I love Fall/November because it causes me to get quiet and focus inward. Like Carol, I love the gray days of November because they actually make me happy and feel more relaxed.

    Have a lovely weekend, my friend!

    P.S. Love the first photo and quote!


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