Snow? NOOOO!!!

tanner-Nov 2014
Textures by Kim Klassen: Minus 43, 65% soft light; Chase, 60% overlay

A dog owns nothing yet is seldom dissatisfied. ~Irish Proverb

They both waited in anticipation. The snow….in mid-November….arrived to mixed reviews. The child in me was super excited to see the flakes fall. The rational adult said, NOOOOOOO! Before Thanksgiving is entirely too early for winter to begin.

Nov snow

But start is has. Temps in the 20sF with single digit wind chills. Way. Too. Early.

But Tanner and Peanut would hear none of these rational reasons. There were snowballs to make…and snowballs to catch. So Peanut and I found our boots, gloves, hats and coats…ventured outside. In the snow. In the cold.

And Tanner was waiting for us.

 peanut Nov snow

 Simple pleasures.

Peanut Tanner Nov snow

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19 thoughts on “Snow? NOOOO!!!

  1. Snow is beautiful for the first few hours and then it can become a major inconvenience…still, I get excited every time…and then it wears off, ha!


  2. You’re a good grandmother! We got snow yesterday, too, but I did not go out and play in it with my granddaughter. She did go out, only because I’d just bought her a new coat which she wanted to wear around. Thankfully, they’re back in school today. A snow day before Thanksgiving {or Christmas for that matter} is one that has arrived way too early.


  3. I guess I lose more of the child in me every year, because each year the idea of snow is less and less inviting, and the cold makes me want to burrow into my warm home. I need to work on finding that childlike joy again. Or just drink more wine.


  4. Dogs are so wise! I agree with you – winter has come way too early! So nice to have a child’s viewpoint, since the snow is here we might as well enjoy it! I hope you enjoyed making snowballs!


  5. It’s so nice to meet you and to visit your lovely blog….Yes for sure kids and animals keep us young at heart anyway and what a joy they are to us..You shared some beautiful shots with us today. I look forward to visiting you again…


  6. Lisa, you know how MUCH l love winter and snow, so this post put a HUGE smile on my face to know that you experienced your first snowfall 🙂

    OMG…how faaaaaaaaabulous!

    We got a tiny bit a few days ago, however, it was mixed with rain so it didn’t settle. It ‘s very cold today though, and I’ve heard that we may be getting some REAL snow in the next few days.

    LOVE the photo and quote!

    P.S Yes…more wine!


  7. I must say that there is something about children that makes the (adult) become a child again when snow arrives. I’ve found myself out with Coleen doing the very same thing. – These were such sweet and adorable photos.


  8. Isn’t it wonderful, how seeing things through the eyes of child can make almost anything special?
    It was bitter cold here too, last week. Tomorrow, 65 degrees. Snow by Wednesday. 😦
    Wishing you a wonderful week and a very Happy Thanksgiving. xo.


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