The elf is everywhere except on the shelf

Before you tell me this isn’t the official Elf on the Shelf let me explain…….

Last month, in desperation, I threatened Peanut that I was going to call Santa and tell him to send an elf to keep an eye on her to report her less-than-good behavior. Big mistake. After a lengthy discussion about how exactly I came to have Santa’s phone number, she told me to tell him to send a girl elf. Since the North Pole was fresh out of tiny, little girl elves, Santa dispatched a larger version.

So our elf-ette arrived just before Thanksgiving. And she’s been just about everywhere except on the shelf.

Peanut named her Wendy and our morning ritual now included searching for Wendy before heading off to school. One morning we found her reading Peanut’s library book to some of her loveys…and the turkeys.

reading elf

Then, there was this scene with the dining room table decs. Peanut is sure she was flying around the house while we were asleep.

reindeer riding elf

Looks like Wendy does some acrobatics at night while everyone is sleeping. Or could this have been a jump rope gone awry? Wonder if I need to count the wine bottles to make sure she’s not having a few drinks after hours.

acrobat elf

Some of her antics have me wondering whose behavior needs to be reported. Peanut said she probably knew where we kept the markers because we found her hanging out in the office one day. Mental note: hide the markers.

sharpie marker elf

I believe since we haven’t had any significant snow fall, Wendy might be missing her friends at the North Pole.

snowman elf

Sometimes she does really try to hide from Peanut. We’ve found her tucked into the Christmas tree, peeking out above the Advent calendar, nestled inside Peanut’s sock on the fireplace mantle and hiding behind photo frames. Occasionally, she does show up high on a shelf or ledge to get a bird’s-eye view. Her reports are varied…but I’m sure Santa will balance the good with the bad and all will be forgiven by Christmas Eve!

Is there an Elf on the Shelf at your house?

2 thoughts on “The elf is everywhere except on the shelf

  1. My elf has not made it out of the garage this year, but I have no little ones that need to be watched unless you count the furry kids. I do believe your elf is sipping when you’re out of sight, though. Either that or she is quite the daring acrobat!


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