Remembering December

December 2014 collage

What did I find this week? I found that December came and left before I knew what happened. It’s now the middle of January. Did I do a December collage? I think I vaguely remember it. Yes…found it in a folder and it’s now serving to remind me of the holidays. Holidays that, except for the light-up face of Peanut and wide-eyed wonder of Twix, were a bit overshadowed this year by Entrepreneur’s surgery and other circumstances.

Christmas 2014 looked a lot different from the previous year. I felt very blessed to have my entire family home for the holidays during Christmas 2013. Everything looked stable and my vision for the coming year was one of eager anticipation. But as they say, looks can be deceiving. In one short year, most everything changed, and Christmas 2014 proved to be vastly different. The Golfer moved back to Florida after realizing cold winters are just not in her DNA anymore. Our family now has a beautiful new grand girl to go with the one that is growing up entirely too fast. The Investigator is now a single mom. Entrepreneur is facing a cancer battle. Yes, Christmas 2014 was a far cry from 2013.

Looking back on 2014, there is both clarity and confusion at the many turn of events. Even though the new year has just begun, we’re facing it with trepidation and uncertainty about how our futures will unfold. So many hopes and dreams are needing to be restructured. So, as I officially say goodbye to 2014, I’ll share with you the collages I did of our year.

Looking back at them, it drives home the importance of living in the present…not the past…not the future. The importance of being thankful and grateful for all I’ve been given. They remind me of the blessings of family and how fortunate I am to be able to have such a wonderful one….good, bad and otherwise!

January 2014 collage

February 2014 collage

March 2014

April 2014 collage 72

May 2014 collage72

June 2014 collage72

July 2014 collage72

August 2014 collage texture

September 2014 collage

October 2014 collage72

November 2014 collage

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14 thoughts on “Remembering December

  1. Your collages are beautiful summaries of your family’s year. You are so right – it’s important to live life as fully as possible, one day at a time, because none of us know what the next day might bring. Hang tough, my friend, and grasp every moment as tightly as you can.

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  2. Ummm… I really, really, really LOVE this!!! (Did I say I really love this!?!) So fun, I should remember to do my collages at the end of this year.

    “Looking back at them, it drives home the importance of living in the present…not the past…not the future. The importance of being thankful and grateful for all I’ve been given.” Ah yes! It is so hard to see good some days but your words are so important and ring with such truth. Praying for you friend.

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  3. “Looking back at them, it drives home the importance of living in the present…not the past…not the future. The importance of being thankful and grateful for all I’ve been given.”

    Amen, Lisa! And I so admire, respect and love your positive and faithful attitude.

    Great collage recap of 2014, my friend. It was so wonderful to see these again!


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  4. You are really good at this. It’s been so busy – THREE deaths of people I know personally THIS MONTH, including one on Wednesday past, plus church stuff and other things have made this a busy period, probably until 1 March. But I like coming here, even when I fail to comment!

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  5. It’s so nice to look back over your year of photos. I’ll have to take a better look when I’m on my laptop. Things can change so unexpectedly. I’m learning to live in the present. I find it challenging. Hugs and prayers xoxo

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  6. Love the idea of the yearly collage…very nice. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. I’ve chosen JOY as a word for this year. I’ve never chosen a yearly word before, but since the hubby retired, became ill ~ not as dire as yours, but still he struggles daily ~ I’ve been in such a foul mood with life that I know I need a change of attitude. It has bugged me to be so upset with life and how it is turning out that I need to just enjoy each day, even the mundane days, as I know that I will look back and wish I had. Hang in there sweet lady. Our Christmas too was very different this year. We had no gathering at all over Christmas since the oldest decided to take family on Florida vacation, but I was happy for them. Others had to work, and one lives out in CA now. I miss them, but just want them to enjoy life. I’ve found it goes by quickly and one day you’re almost 70 before you know it. lol ~hugs~ I am glad to see you’re still posting and doing your blog and keeping busy.

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  7. These are beautiful and meaningful collages! And not just because of recent unhappy events. They’re just chock full of love and memories that years down the road will be treasured. I’m so glad you’re here today, Lisa; I’ve been thinking about you. xo

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