January Photo Blogging Challenge: Games

photo blog challenge

PJ’s theme for January was Games. Most of my ideas didn’t pan out, so I was left to improvise at the last minute (Jan 28th). But I did come up with five for the month so hope you enjoy!

1. Dress Up. Who played the game of Dress Up as a child? I think we all did to some extent. Peanut loves the game where she pretends to be Queen Elsa from Frozen. On this day, Queen Elsa has come out of her castle to dine with the common people. I’m sure Twix will be Anna in a few years. And, fortunately, there is already a costume waiting for her.


2. Peek-a-Boo. Another childhood game is Peek-a-Boo and it’s one that Twix has picked up and plays constantly. Funny thing is sometimes she just holds her hand up in front of her face and looks through spread fingers. Like we can’t see her…….


3. The Game of Golf. A lifetime sport, Peanut is starting early with a couple of clubs she received at Christmas. Her Papa and The Floridian are thrilled to possibly have another golfer in the family…even if her attire is a bit unconventional. I’m just happy the balls are foam as she can already wedge a shot over the counter!


4. Cat and Mouse. Now the last two selections get a little sketchy, but please cut me some slack. A few weeks ago, the cats became extremely interested in the accessories by the fireplace. And come to find out their interest was with good reason. Mice. And the only thing faster than a mouse, is a cat in pursuit.


5. Hide and Seek. Similar to Cat and Mouse that was played inside, this game is played outside with the squirrels and the dogs. I’m sure this squirrel is from the same family that likes to torment the dogs by jumping from tree to tree in the backyard. I’m betting the three dogs are in the backyard right now wondering where that @#$% squirrel went….it was just here…..running up the side of the house……

squirrel on house

So that’s my five for the month. If you want to see what Fun and Games were played by the rest of the group, hop scotch on over to PJ’s place beginning January 31st.

12 thoughts on “January Photo Blogging Challenge: Games

  1. Great selection of photographs, Lisa! And yup…I played all these games when I was a kid too! And it’s funny because I’m not golf player, but I love playing miniature golf. And I think it’s because I enjoy the challenge of the “putting” part of golf.

    Gorgeous photo of the cat. And what beautiful cat it is!

    Hope you’re having a super week, my friend!


  2. Considering other things didn’t pan out and you had to do these all at the end of the month, I think you did a fine job! You definitely used a different way of thinking for the theme!


  3. Thanks so much for bringing up some fond memories of when our boys were young. They especially enjoyed peekaboo and dressing up as Anakin Skywalker (complete with light saber). Your creative way of sharing so many classic childhood games is the kind of thing I really appreciate about this challenge.


  4. Oh, I love it when a toddler figures out how to play peek-a-boo. So cute! Almost as cute as Elsa feeding the baby. 🙂
    Squirrels taunt our dogs constantly. They’ve never caught one, but there is a squirrel running around without much of a tail.


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