January collage

January 2015 collage 72


Seems like good advice to begin the year.

I’m soooo far behind on my writing. Ideas swim around in my head, but with everything going on in the real world, they never make it past the ideating stage. I had a wonderfully poignant post I intended to do for my birthday (Jan 26), but that came and left. Facing Twix’s ONE year birthday (yesterday) I wanted to commemorate that event with sentimental observation on grandbabykins. But here is it, Feb 4th and….I got nuthin’.

It’s amazing how fast the days go. I do begin the day doing what’s necessary……followed, occasionally, by what’s possible. But I’d really like to know when to expect to do the impossible?! Because, that’s the list that seems to be piling up the fastest!

I huge thank you to Mona’s Picturesque for providing another wonderful photo collage template. Her photography is so beautifully inspirational. I’d like to be her when I grow up.

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10 thoughts on “January collage

  1. Beautiful collage, Lisa! And I love the quote from Saint Francis because he’s one of the saints I’ve always been drawn to follow.

    “But I’d really like to know when to expect to do the impossible?! Because, that’s the list that seems to be piling up the fastest!”

    I think you’re doing it my friend. You’ve been through many challenges these past few months. And what I see from you is someone who is embracing these challenges with faith and grace; making what many people would think impossible…”possible.”

    ((((((((((( YOU ))))))))))



  2. One already???? Wow, hubby and I were just commenting yesterday that they don’t stay in that small age for long enough. They are both so cute, and love the photos you share for January. It has just been cold, snow, melt, snow, melt, and it’s snowing again.


  3. I always enjoy your photo collages. What a great quote from Saint Francis. I have a prayer of his framed by my desk. I get your desire to write and just not feeling up to the task. I practically went all fall without writing. Be kind and gentle with yourself. Virtual hugs. xoxo Robin


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