Winter runaway prequel

Let me begin by just sayin’ there is nothing quite like the stomach flu to help you lose those last, pesky four pre-vacay pounds.

Yes, the stomach flu hit our house just days before we were scheduled to leave for Mexico. Entrepreneur announced on Tuesday he thought he had a touch of food poisoning. Denial, I’m sure.

I assured him 24 hours later that it was definitely not food poisoning and then I spent the next two days living on Theraflu. Friday dawned and I was able to keep down a slice of toast. A major accomplishment.

Originally, we were leaving at 3am Saturday for St. Louis to catch a 6am flight. But, we now need to leave that afternoon because ice and snow are forecasted. And the last place one wants to be during an ice storm is on I-70…especially when there’s a chance you’ll miss your flight to St. Somewhere!

Tucked away in an airport hotel for the night, we arrive via shuttle at the terminal at 5am. So far, so good. With Twix in the Peanut Shell, we breezed through check-in and security. TSA didn’t look twice at us. We found out the airport brought in their staff and put them up in nearby hotels to ensure they could make it in on time for the first flights.

preflight 1

Now parked by the boarding gate, we breathed a sigh of relief. Step one complete.

preflight 3  preflight 2

Settled on the plane, our fingers and toes are crossed because this is what’s going on outside. Oh, please, just get this plane in the air and out of middle Missouri!!

preflight 4

Twice de-iced, and we’re in the air headed for Atlanta. Home free.

preflight 5

But t’was not to be. After a two-hour layover in Atlanta, we’re on the plane, seat belts fastened securely, luggage stowed and tray tables in their upright position. Then, the pilot announces there will be a short delay while they fix some part that is broken. Okay, for sure….fix the broken part. Twenty minutes later, the pilot announces again that they fixed the part, but it didn’t work. So, they’re going to call the repair crew back and get another part from the hangar. It should only take about 30 more minutes. Okay, better safe than sorry flying over the ocean. We’re all good.

Thirty minutes later, the pilot drew the short straw again and told us we all had to deplane. Evidently the “fix” is more extensive than originally anticipated. No, we can’t stay on the plane with a sleeping baby. Everyone off.

We repark ourselves by the boarding gate and wait….and wait….and wait….and wait.

At 1:45pm (the time we should be landing in Cancun), we begin re-boarding the plane in Atlanta for the two and a half hour flight. Now keep in mind The Golfer and her KW are already in Cancun, expecting us to arrive any minute so we can all check into the resort. The shuttle service is also waiting. And we have no way to contact them.

And it gets better.

Hallelujah. We finally land and do the cattle-herding thing in customs and come out the other side to……no shuttle. They got tired of waiting and left. Found someone who contacted them again and we wait until they show up. Load up and head out. Finally home free.


If you’ve been to Mexico, you know the bus, taxi and shuttle drivers all drive crazy fast. But we have the slowest Mexican driver in town. Entrepreneur asks him if there is a problem. He says he’s waiting for someone to meet him to give him gas money because he’s almost out of gas! So, we’re parked on the side of the road….waiting for gas money. All we can do at this point in the day is laugh. Although we really don’t feel like laughing. We’ve been up since 3:30am, we’re cranky and frustrated…and hungry. And did I mention we have two kids?

But eventually we arrive at the resort and meet up with The Golfer and her KW. It’s now about 7pm.

Someone owes me a half day of vacation.






11 thoughts on “Winter runaway prequel

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  2. OMG Lisa, not only your stomach flu, but if I had been on that place and the pilot had announce that they were having trouble fixing something mechanical, TWICE, I probably would have gotten off the plane and taken another flight because I am so scared to fly as it is!

    Glad to hear you got there safely, my friend!


  3. That was a rough start to a vacation! Reading it was more entertaining than experiencing it. I sure hope things get better. I’m going to the next post to find out 🙂


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