Winter runaway main event

Yesterday, I shared our very challenging travel day for our winter vacay. Today, we’ll focus more on the destination than the details.

First, I have to say Peanut and Twix acted like seasoned travelers. We turned their schedules upside-down and backwards…and they seemed to take it in stride for the most part. It did help that the main mode of travel was by air….so Twix didn’t have to endure the dreaded carseat for hours on end. Three of the four connection flights went flawlessly. Only one….the last one from Atlanta to St. Louis….was a bit sketchy.

But back to paradise found. Upon arrival, we paid to upgrade to a one-bedroom suite so we could have a gathering room when needed, and Twix could sleep undisturbed in the bedroom while we hung out together in the evenings. The suite came with one of the most stunning balcony views we’ve ever had. As many times as we’ve been to the Caribbean, the color of the water always takes my breath away.


And, as many places as we’ve stayed, we’ve never had a balcony quite like this one. Yes, there’s even a hot tub! The resort is a bit on the older side, and we did find a bug the size of a small mouse in the room….but that was temporary and no other critters were seen inside the rest of the week.

balcony hot tub

The Park Royal is an all-inclusive resort. It had both good and not-so-good aspects. Good in the fact that we didn’t need to pack up a baby and travel off-property for meals….but not-so-good in that we soon tired of the same buffet food all week long.

But, the one thing we never tired of was the stunning views. Completely out of character, I found myself up and awake for some spectacular sunrise shots. Here is one taken from the balcony. Okay, technically, I didn’t see the sun actually come up over the horizon most days, but I’m counting this anyway.

sunrise-cancun 2015

The Investigator and Peanut spent many mornings shelling on the beach at sunrise. The Golfer and KW also hit the beach early a few days to take in the glow of the morning in paradise. They live by the beach anyway, but I’m pretty sure this trumps Florida’s sunrises.

sunrise Cancun 2

sunrise Cancun 3

Sunrise. Breakfast. Pool/Beach/Nap. Lunch. Pool/Beach/Nap. Dinner. Our grueling schedule for a week. Of course we did manage to sprinkle a few other activities in along the way (aka: shopping). But for the most part, this was an R&R vacay to offset a year of struggles, sheer exhaustion and the stress that accompanies life’s unexpected turn of events. It was a vacay to reconnect with those we love most and strengthen the ties that bind us together as a family.

Next time, one part play…two parts silly!

5 thoughts on “Winter runaway main event

  1. Lisa, what a great view from you hotel room! And those photographs of the sunrises are STUNNING! Just looking at these photographs and knowing how much you love sunshine and tropical weather, I can tell you had a amazing time. And good for you, I’m glad you took the time to get away and had some much deserved R & R.

    Looking forward to your next post!

    Have a fantastic weekend, my friend!


  2. What beautiful ocean views and even though it is early, there is something magical about getting up to watch the sunrise. What a great luxury, to have a suite and a balcony! It does look like a great place to relax and spend time with family.

    Uninvited bugs should not try to join in. I’ve heard how big they can be. Scary and yucky. At least it didn’t bring friends 🙂


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