March photo challenge: Two

photo blog challenge

Here is it the end of March already and time once again for PJ’s photo challenge. This month, the theme is Two…which was a little harder than I thought it would be. After exhausting my camera on vacay, I didn’t really take too many shots this month. But, like a good team player, I persevered and came up with………

1. Two snow babies: We returned from vacay February 28th and on March 1st, we got 5-6 inches of snow! Peanut gave me her do you wanna build a snowman eyes and outside we went. Two days later is was almost 70F!
two snowbabies

2. Two cardinals: All puffed up to keep warm in a cedar tree in the back yard. Temps are warming and I hope winter is on it’s way out.
two cardinals

3. Two kitties: Bridget and Midget haven’t embraced the idea that winter is about over and continue to jockey for position on my lap in the evenings. The heat that’s generated from a “three dog night” doesn’t really compare to a two cat lap!
two cats

4. Two hours: that’s how long it took to take out the braids in Peanut’s hair from vacay. A little Mayan lady named Norma put in an entire head full of braids in about 45 minutes. They stayed in for almost two weeks.
two hours  Peanut braids

5. Two wheels: After the snow melted, Peanut decided it was time to learn how to ride her bike without training wheels! This was the first day…she now rides her two-wheeler like a pro.
peanut-two wheels

So that’s my five for Two this month. Travel over to PJ’s to check out everyone else’s pairings.

18 thoughts on “March photo challenge: Two

  1. *applause*

    AWESOME job in coming up with TWO photographs, Lisa!

    Each and everyone of these are faaaaaaabulous, but I think my favorite is the first one of the TWO snowbabies. OMG…what an adorable shot!

    And hasn’t the weather been so strange this month? We too had days of 70 degree temps and then dropped to 30 in a matter of days. And last week is actually snowed!!!

    Have a terrific week, my friend!


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  2. Peanut’s braids are awesome! And her hair looks really beautiful taken out of them, too!

    Favourite? Hmm… let me think. Yep, it’s the kitties!! Are they littermates?

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  3. That look – unadulterated joy, triumph and pride…takes me back to when our boys were little and hadn’t learned to guard against showing their feelings. The entire set is fantastic, but you definitely saved the best for last!

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  4. I love love LOVE these shots! Her hair… gorgeous! The kitties… the cardinals…. Fantastic. We had a big snow day and warm after as well – so crazy. Your photos are wonderful!


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