I found Spring!

spring hyacinth72
Texture by Kim Klassen; Lily, 100% soft light

Walk with me and see what I found this week in the garden. Have I told you I love hyacinths? I think they just might be THE perfect spring flower. Their scent is heavenly! So, because of my love for them, you’ll see a few hyacinths decorating this post today.

daff macro

I had a moment one morning this week. The Investigator and Peanut had left for work and school; Twix was still asleep; Entrepreneur was somewhere in the house. And I realized I was staring at some time to do whatever I wanted before heading to the office. Wow. Should I sit on the patio with a cuppa tea before the storms roll in? Read part of a book I started a month ago? So many options. And then I looked at the kitchen floor. And the laundry room. And the family room. Big mistake.

pear blossom

Took Tanner to the vet to have a small growth removed from under his eye. As we were driving, it was obvious to my nose that Tanner desperately needs a spa day…and soon. Wet, dirty dog; enclosed car. Not a pleasant combination.


My car has been hit twice in a month. One was a rear-ending hit by a college girl on an exit ramp off the highway. Got that one fixed and then not 24 hours later, as I was backing out of a parking space, someone else was backing out at the same time and hit me as I was clearing the right back corner of the car in front of me. [Sigh]


The garden is in! And not a moment too soon for the spring rain. Corn, green beans, broccoli, cauliflower, kohlrabi all nicely tucked into the ground waiting for the sun to coax them upwards. The bell peppers and tomatoes bit the dust when temps surprisingly dipped into the upper 30sF and we forgot to cover them. Ooops.

How was your week? What did you find?

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5 thoughts on “I found Spring!

  1. I’m sitting here with my morning coffee, watching the spring birds quarrel over who has rights to the feeders, the swallows checking out the nesting boxes, and the daffodils perking up as it warms from the 26 degree temperature I woke up to. My grape muscari, the only hyacinth I seem to have any luck with, is blooming, warming my heart with its vivid blue blossoms. Spring!

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  2. “My car has been hit twice in a month.”

    Lisa…so sorry to hear about your car 😦 But I love how you turned it around and focused on the beauty of SPRING! And OMG…these photographs are STUNNING! I especially love the 3rd one down. GORGEOUS! Truly my friend, you take AMAZING photos!

    And it’s ironic you post about spring (and flowers) because I’ll be posting about the same things on Monday. Don’t ya LOVE spring?

    Have a beautiful weekend, my friend!

    P.S. love the quote!

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  3. We had a bit of spring the week of the 10th, but the temperatures are a bit chilly this past week. The flowering trees are in bloom. Lots of cherry blossoms.

    Your flowers are beautiful.

    Sorry you got hit twice. Definitely not fun. Thankfully, both accidents seem to have hurt your car, but you are okay.


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