Five Photos, Five Stories #2

carpenter bee

It was circa 1980-something and we had relocated from Omaha, NE to Olathe, KS. We had bought a house and were settling into the neighborhood.

As with any homeowner opportunity, there was a lot of maintenance and yard work to do. We backed to a small creek and behind our fence was a slope covered in ground cover leading down to the water. Ground cover made up of crown vetch.

Crown vetch has lovely purpley-pink flowers and holds a slope like a champ. Vetch also attracts bees…specifically of the bumble variety.

And therein lies the story.

One Saturday, Entrepreneur was a bit too aggressive in his mowing and decided the vetch was getting a bit unruly. His idea was to mow it to a more manageable height.

I was in the house when I hear quite a lot of yelling coming around the house. When I went to the front door, I hear openthedooropenthedooropenthedoor! I swing open the storm door and he ducks inside and slams it shut. Then, I hear bambambambambam on the glass with dozens of bumblebees stopped in mid pursuit.

In his left-brain effort to tidy up some unruly plants, he mowed over a bumblebee nest.

How he outran some extremely angry bumblebees, I’ll never know! 🙂

To this day, he hates bees.

[to clarify, the above photo is not a bumblebee…it’s a carpenter bee. They look similar but carpenter bees are not aggressive. We have three that serve as sentries for our front walkway!]

Now, I am tagging asking Roger over at Ramblin’ with Roger to play along. He posts almost every day so it should be hard for him to come up with five stories! Right, Roger?! 🙂


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