Five Photos, Five Stories #4

It was one of those lessons that had to be learned the hard way.


When The Investigator was in elementary school, she had a permanent tooth coming into her upper palette. Since that’s not exactly where teeth are supposed to enter, we had her fitted with a retainer that applied pressure to the backside of the tooth to coax it forward into place. A retainer that cost a pretty penny even back in the 1990s. She was to wear it all the time except when eating.

Soooo, of course, when she was at school she would take it out, lay it on her lunch tray and cover it with a napkin so it wasn’t grossing out all the other kids.

And that is the next story for Five Photos, Five Stories…#4.


The school called me shortly after lunch.

School: A—— threw away her retainer with her lunch tray.

Me: Whaaaaaaattt?

School: It was an accident. It was wrapped in a napkin and it got thrown away with her lunch trash.

Me: Can someone find it in the trash can?

School: No, the bags have already been taken to the dumpster.

Me: Then I suggest you give her a pair of gloves and point her in the direction of the dumpster.

School: [Long, long, looonnnng pause.] Are you serious?

Me: You bet I am! Do you know how much those things cost?

School: Um, okay, we’ll try to narrow down which garbage bags were that lunch shift.

Me: Great. I’ll be there shortly.

After about 20 minutes, I drove up to the school and found her in the back by the dumpsters, going through bags of lunch leftovers. Of course by this time she was almost in tears that I had been soooo mean….and the retainer had still not surfaced. We searched bag after bag and, miraculously, finally found it. I took it home and disinfected the daylights out of it.

She never lost it again.

Today I’ll tag Ron over at Being Ron because he’s full of it… seriously, he has great stories to tell. And he just got a new camera so I’m sure he would love to show off his photography talent! 🙂




4 thoughts on “Five Photos, Five Stories #4

  1. “We searched bag after bag and, miraculously, finally found it. I took it home and disinfected the daylights out of it.”

    BRAVA, Lisa! And I would have been the same as you, I would have searched until I had found it. You’re right, those things were VERY expensive back then.

    And thank you so much for including me in the meme, but I have to decline because with my new job, I’ve so busy and won’t have the time. I hope you understand, my friend.

    Thanks again, though, for thinking of me!


  2. That was a very difficult lesson! Our son had a similar situation, but the fixture they put behind his tooth (teeth?) was attached, so that it could not be removed. While he wore it, he often complained about hearing music and talking in his head. It was very unsettling. We even took him to a doctor thinking he had something seriously wrong with him. However, as soon as the tooth pressure mechanism was removed, the music stopped. We believe the spring in the thing acted like a radio antenna.


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