Photo Blogging Challenge: Spring

photo blog challenge

Another month has come and gone and May is just a memory now as we get ready to launch into summer. True to form, May at our house was filled with May-hem with all the end-of-school field trips and activities! Add birthdays and Mom’s Day and you have a month moving at warp speed. PJ’s photo blogging theme this month was Spring….so spring is what you get today.

1. The Dog Days….of Spring? The phrase is, of course, the dog days of summer but in our yard, spring is a welcome site for the puppers. Itchy undercoats need to be loosened in the greened up grass, holes need to be dug in the mud and sticks need to be chewed. The work never ends.
May tanner

2. Heave-scent. I knew the instant my dwarf lilacs were blooming in the front yard. When they’re in full regalia, I can smell them clear in the back of the house! Next to hyacinths, I’m not sure there’s a better spring scent.

3. We got the garden in on time this year and watched it explode out of the ground. This row is kohlrabi and beets. The corn and beans are up. The tomatoes and peppers survived some pretty chilly nights and the okra is starting to push through in anticipation of the summer heat.

4. Bunches of Broccoli. Along with what was mentioned above, we set out eight broccoli and eight cauliflower plants. All the main broccoli heads are done and either eaten or in the freezer. The cauliflower is running a close second.

5. School’s Out!! Without any snow days this year, school got out before June 1st so it still counts as Spring. Peanut successfully finished kindergarten and got an A in attitude as you can tell from this last-day-of-school photo capture.
End of Kindergarten stats-Peanut

That’s my five for the month! Spring on over to PJ’s to see what sprung with everyone else.



15 thoughts on “Photo Blogging Challenge: Spring

  1. It may have been May-hem, but it looks like it was very good may-hem! Envy you your garden, we are just approaching planting time here (although this year has been mostly warmer than normal) but our season is so short, I gave up on attempting to grow anything but herbs.


  2. Oh, your vegetables look delightful! I think my daughter would be jealous–she’s in Kindergarten through mid-June! Second to peonies, lilacs have the most gorgeous scent. Wish we had one, but we have so much shade…


  3. Your garden looks superb, Lisa. We have a few tomato plants and some other veggies and will be happy if we can harvest a plate or two. Maybe it is because I am too busy rolling in the grass like your furry friend.

    Enjoy your Monday.


  4. Lisa, I agree…where did May go? I can’t believe that today is JUNE!

    AWESOME photographs!

    “Next to hyacinths, I’m not sure there’s a better spring scent.”

    Yes, absolutely. No better spring scent 🙂

    “Peanut successfully finished kindergarten and got an A in attitude.”


    Congratulations, Peanut!

    And I agree, with PJ, I like the depths of field in the third shot!



  5. Congrats to Peanut! Great photo!

    And overall an excellent job this month! I like the lilacs photo. And the garden photo is interesting with the focus. I like it a lot.

    And soon enough, all sorts of other things will be going on! 😀


  6. All these photos are starting to make me jealous for a garden. Maybe next year! Congrats to Peanut and rub that puppy’s belly for me!


  7. Wow! Your garden looks fantastic!

    I really enjoyed your wordplay this month, but respectfully disagree about the best spring scent…it has to be the blossoms on a Mayday tree!


  8. I do not have a green thumb. I envy your beautiful gardens – flower and vegetable. But they can’t compete with the dog and Peanut! She is a very accomplished little cutie. Our grandson will start kindergarten in the fall – he just lost his first tooth this week.


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